Any or all of the following components may be found in a typical budget. This narrative is meant to be a guide, but the PI is urged to consult the specific program guidelines or the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) Pre-award Analyst if any question remains unanswered. You may download a budget template to facilitate this process. The proposal budget should be clearly presented, and should reflect UTMB accounting categories. For example, major budget categories such as personnel, benefits, travel, supplies, equipment, and facility and administrative cost(s) should be clearly identified. Conformance with UTMB accounting categories will ensure that the project, if funded, will be entered easily and accurately into UTMB's accounting system. In some cases, for presentation purposes to a potential funding source, a program budget may also be appropriate.

The following budget categories are typical. They are meant to serve as a guide rather than a template, and sponsors will vary the order of presentation somewhat.

Once the budget has been prepared, you should make a final comparison of the amounts listed in the budget narrative with the amounts in the budget form. In the rush to complete all parts of the application on time, you may make many last-minute changes. When discrepancies exist between the budget narrative and the budget form, or the total amount of the request listed elsewhere on the proposal, the amount of the request also may be in doubt. A final check of all the numbers will preclude such confusion. Budgets included in requests for external funding must be reviewed and approved by OSP.