Research Administration

RPPR Commitment Verification

This form is used to get verification on the calendar months (CM) that the Principal Investigator is reporting on their RPPR report.  This form is required to complete the verification process and obtain Effort clearance for the RPPR to be submitted.


The department initiates the form, filling in the fields with the necessary information.

  • Approval Request box
    Submitter's first and last name, department, and email. This self populates when you initiate the form, but verify information is correct. 
  • Project Information box
    CON and all projects (this is important because effort does not work with award numbers but in CON/Project numbers)
  • Reporting Period Begin Date
    The first day of the last regular reporting period (we do not verify NCE periods)
  • Reporting Period End Date
    The last day of the end of the regular reporting period, not the NCE end date
  • Report due date
    This is the date the RPPR is due to the sponsor, you must put a date in here
  • NCE question
    Yes or no
  • Key personnel and reported calendar months
    Here you will list the first and last name of any key personnel listed in the NOA.  If the employee is not listed anywhere in the NOA then they do not need to be listed on this form.  Effort only checks employees listed in the NOA.
  • Select your pre award analyst
    The submission date will auto populate
  • Click continue
  • The form will route to the selected PreAward analyst from the department.
  • Verify the project information and the key personnel listed by the department
  • Fill in the Committed Months amount
  • Add any notations for reductions or NCE period
  • Digitally sign and the date will auto populate
  • The form will route to effort from PreAward
  • Using the information provided complete a review of what was certified against what was reported and committed using the RPPR Verification Template
  • If there is an issue the form will be pushed back with notations
  • If all amounts match, the form will be approved and a copy of the verification worksheet will be attached.
  • A copy of the completed form showing approval will be emailed to the PreAward analyst and to the submitter.

Rejected Form

If the form is sent back for correction or information please see the notations on the form, review the necessary issue and resubmit.