Research Administration

Research Systems

Select the tab with your role to see what systems you need, and how to obtain access. Work with the corresponding team in Research Administration if you have any questions.

Research Systems


    Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System

    The official federal website for people who make, receive and manage federal contract awards. Use this to search for evaluations of potential subcontractors/subawardees.

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    eRA Commons

    The federal website built to support your grants management journey. You will use this to communicate with your funding agency, to submit forms via xTrain, and to submit and other key reports and data to the sponsor.

    Work with your PreAward analyst to obtain an eRA Commons account if you do not already have one. 

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    Excel - EPM SmartView

    Use EPM SmartView to access various queries for reporting analysis. Data feeds from PeopleSoft.



    Federal Audit Clearinghouse logo

    Federal Audit Clearing House

    Operates on behalf of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to distribute single audit reporting packages to federal agencies, support OMB oversight and assessment of federal award audit requirements, and publish a searchable database of completed audits. Use the link here to search for a sponsor's annual audit.

    No log in or special access is needed.



    The federal website for grants, including finding funding opportunities, applying for awards with specific agencies, tips on grant writing and grant management.

    You should register and create an account for full access to the site. 

    NIH Grants and Funding logo

    NIH Grants & Funding

    The NIH resource for all things grant-related. 

    Learn about grants, grants management and how to applyAbout Grants
    Know the current policies, see policy updatesPolicy & Compliance
    Read NIH News, find notices and updatesNews & Events

    No special access or login required





    UTMB system to run reports from PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM).

    Tivoli request is needed for access.

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    PeopleSoft FRPD

    UTMB financial management system. All sponsored projects have accounts in PeopleSoft. 

    Verify salary during RPPR and proposal reviewsJob & Employment Data
    Determine the unobligated amounts when reviewing RPPRAward Detail
    Gather information related to the CONAward Profile
    Search for CONSAward Inventory
    Determine the budget, expenses, encumbrances, remaining balances for awardAward Detail
    Gather CFS for projectFRS Acct to PS CF’s Crosswalk

    You will need a Tivoli request for access.

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    This is the federal library of biomedical literature. It comprises more than 34 million citations for biomedical literature. Use it to ensure the PI MyNCBI profile is accurate and current, and make updates. Also use it to search for other citations and references.

    Use your, eRA Commons account to access.

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