Office of Clinical Research

ClinCard Fees

$4.50 Fee Per Card

$1.15 Load Fee

Each time a payment is submitted onto the card or each time a payment is voided from the card.

$4.50 Replacement Fee 
The department may replace a card only one time for each subject at no cost to the subject.  The card will be taken from the department inventory.  After that, the subject will need to call the Greenphire support line (# on back of the card) and the cost to the subject will be $7.00.  The fee will be deducted from their balance on the card. 

$4.50 Inactivity Fee 
Inactivity Fee to the Subject if there is a balance on the card and there has been no activity (no funds added by the site or removed from the card by the subject) for a period of three months.  This fee will come directly off the subject’s card balance.  While we do encourage the subject to use the card to avoid this fee, the fee can be reversed if the subject calls the Greenphire support team.