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Training Webinars

BioRender 101: Introduction at UTMB
Tuesday, October 10, Noon-1 p.m. 
Learn actionable tips and techniques for designing science figures for your posters, presentations, publications, and more. A brief introduction to BioRender is given followed by a live demonstration of the platform showcasing some basic as well as advanced capabilities of our tool while providing general practical tips on designing compelling figures.


Top Design Tips for Better Posters
Thursday, October 12 , Noon-1 p.m.
In this one-hour webinar, learn actionable tips and techniques for designing research posters. Learn how to:

  • Declutter your poster to make it easy to read
  • Tell a compelling story using easy design principles
  • Effortlessly align your columns and rows
  • Format your poster to fit any conference restrictions
  • Combine all these tips to make a winning poster!

BioRender 201: New and Advanced Features
Monday, October 16, Noon-1 p.m.
Upgrade your skillset with our BioRender 201: New & Advanced Features! In this one-hour webinar, learn actionable tips and techniques for designing science figures for your posters, presentations, publications, and more. We'll cover features and concepts such as:

  • Multi-select and alignment tools
  • Custom shapes and lines
  • Leveraging color to augment your illustrations by:
  • Adding deeper context
  • Focusing your audience on key concepts

It is recommended that attendees have experience using BioRender or have attended the BioRender 101: Introduction webinar. 

Top Design Tips for Better Graphical Abstracts and Figures
Thursday, October 19, Noon-1 p.m.
Design a graphical abstract that will make everyone want to read & share your research! In this one-hour webinar, learn actionable tips and techniques including how to: 

  • Going from idea sketch to publication-ready  
  • How to simplify a 'cluttered' figure 
  • Quickly communicate your main idea, visually 
  • Choosing a professional color palette 
  • Spacing and alignment tricks

Past session recordings

Introduction to BioRender

BioRender 101: Introduction at UTMB

BioRender 101: Refresher

BioRender 201: New & Advanced Features

Poster Builder Workshop

Design Tips for Better Posters at UTMB

Protocol Figure Makeover

Graphical Abstract Figure Makeover

Top Tips for Better Grants Figures



The Dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and the Vice President of Research have secured an institutional license for BioRender Premium for all faculty, post-docs, staff, residents, fellows and students at UTMB in support of the research enterprise.

BioRender is a critical tool in the development of high quality scientific illustrations for manuscripts, presentations, dissertations and other publications.

If you already have a subscription to BioRender, follow these instructions to cancel it. If you used your email for that account, you can login at the UTMB portal. If you did not use your and want to link your current account with your UTMB account, please contact BioRender Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

BioRender FAQ

How do I create a BioRender account?

Make sure you are on the campus network onsite, or connected through the VPN remotely before you attempt to log in to BioRender for the first time.

Once on the network, visit the BioRender UTMB Portal and log in using your UTMB credentials. 

(If you have questions about connecting through the VPN, please see the Work Remotely page)

If you have trouble logging in, please contact the UTMB Help Desk.