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NIH Salary Cap Raised

Apr 8, 2022, 15:42 PM by Melodi Moore


New NIH Salary Cap Announced

The Office of Personnel Management has raised the Executive Level II salary cap to $203,700 effective January 2, 2022.
For awards issued in those years that were restricted to Executive Level II (see Salary Cap Summary (FY 1990–Present), including competing awards already issued in FY2022, if adequate funds are available in active awards, and if the salary cap increase is consistent with the institutional base salary, grantees may rebudget to accommodate the current Executive Level II salary level. However, no additional funds will be provided to these grant awards.

To reduce administrative burden for effort reporting, monthly certification dates of 12/1/21 to 2/28/22, the new rate would become effective in ECRT on March 1, 2022.

At this time, NIH has not received an FY 2022 appropriation and is operating under a Continuing Resolution, the "Continuing Appropriations Act, 2022" (Public Law 117-70), that applies the terms and conditions of the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (NOT-OD-22-076), which restricts the amount of direct salary to Executive Level II of the Federal Executive pay scale.

Questions about the new salary cap should be directed to your Pre-Award Analyst.