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    Morning Sessions (Updates, Brain Health, and Public Health)

    Afternoon Sessions (Keynote and Collaboration&Entrepreneurship)


    Research Update
    Randall  Urban, MD
    Vice President and Chief Research Officer

    Legislative update
    Lauren Sheer
    Assistant Vice President, Legislative Affairs

    Keynote Speaker

    An Unprecedented Time for Reaching Policymakers and the Public About Science and Technology
    Jenny Luray, MPA
    Vice President of Strategy & Communications, Research!America

    Brain Health Panel

    The Mitchell Center: A hub for neurodegenerative disease research and drug discovery at UTMB
    Giulio Taglialatela, PhD (facilitator)
    The Lawrence J. Del Papa Distinguished Chair in Neurodegenerative Disease Research

    The Center for Addiction Research: Research Solutions for a Healthy Brain
    Jonathan Hommel, PhD
    Associate Professor, Pharmacology & Toxicology

    Brain Health Research in the Department of NCBA
    Ping Wu, MD, PhD
    Professor, Neuroscience, Cell Biology & Anatomy

    Promoting Brain Health Through Rehabilitation Sciences
    David Brown, PT, PhD, FAPTA
    Senior Vice President and Dean, School of Health Professions

    Collaboration & Entrepreneurship

    Collaboration & Entrepreneurship
    Massoud Motamedi, PhD
    Chief Bioengineering & Biotechnology Innovations Officer 

    Lab to Launch: From University Research to a Startup Venture
    Steve Guengerich, MBA
    Associate Vice President for Innovation and Commercialization, UT Dallas

    BioHouston: Building the Life Science Future
    Ann Tanabe
    Chief Executive Officer, BioHouston, Inc.

    Public Health Panel (see morning video)

    How is UTMB strengthening our campus through our Public Health infrastructure to improve health outcomes as well as respond to future pandemics

    M. Kristen Peek, PhD (facilitator)
    Professor and Interim Chair, Preventive Medicine and Population Health

    Janet Southerland, DDS, MPH, PhD (facilitator)
    Vice President, Interprofessional Education, Institutional Effectiveness and Health Education Center

    Overview of EID Centers, Infectious Disease Basic Science Research, Galveston National Lab
    Scott Weaver, MS, PhD
    John Sealy Distinguished University Chair in Human Infections and Immunity

    Intersection of Clinical Research, Provision of Care, and Implementation of Public Health Initiatives 
    Susan McLellan, MD, PhD
    Professor, Infectious Diseases and Medical Director, Biocontainment Treatment Unit

    Vaccine Research and Future Plans
    Richard Rupp, MD
    Director of Clinical Trial and Clinical Research, Sealy Institute for Vaccine Sciences

    Proposed School of Public Health Role – Public Health and the Pandemic
    Cara Pennel, DrPH, MPH
    Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine and Population Health

    John Prochaska, DrPH, MPH
    Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine and Population Health

    M. Kristen Peek, PhD
    Professor and Interim Chair, Preventive Medicine and Population Health

    Future and Proposed Center for Pandemic Preparedness 
    James LeDuc, PhD
    Director (retired) Galveston National Lab

  • Research Day 2019 focused on commercialization, collaboration and biomedical informatics. Dr. Sachin Kheterpal delivered the keynote address followed by several members of UTMB's research faculty and community. 

    Evolving from Precision Medicine to Precision Health
    Sachin Kheterpal, MD, MBA
    Associate Dean for Research Information Technology at the University of Michigan

    Medical Branch Innovations

    Dr. Alexander Vo
    Vice President, Telemedicine and Health Innovations, UTMB

    Biomedical Informatics at UTMB: Past, Present and Future
    Dr. Monte Pettitt
    Robert A. Welch Distinguished University Chair of Chemistry, UTMB

    Galveston Economic Development Partnership Emerging Technology Initiative
    Jeff Sjostrom
    President, Galveston Economic Development Partnership

    Biomedical Informatics Panel
    Dr. Suresh Bhavnani
    Professor of Biomedical Informatics in the Institute for Translational Sciences, UTMB

    Todd Leach
    Vice President and Chief Information Officer, UTMB

      Dr. George Saade
      Jennie Sealy Smith Distinquished Chair in OB/GYN and Director, Perinatal Research Division, UTMB

        Gulshan Shama, MD, PhD
        Vice President and Chief Medical & Clinical Innovation Officer, UTMB 

          Commercialization Panel
          Moderator: Sundeep Mattamana, PhD, MBA
          Sr. Director, Office of Technology Transfer

          • Alexander Vo, PhD
            Vice President, Telemedicine and Health Innovation
          • Kathleen Kerr, MSN
            Assistant Director Speech Pathology
          • Christopher Zahner, MD
            Assistant Professor, Pathology
          • Gaddiel Galarza-Munoz, PhD
            President and Co-founder Autoimmunity Biosolutions (ABS)
          • Elizabeth Jaworski, PhD
            Co-founder ClickSeq Technologies