Randall Urban, MD
Vice President for Research &
Chief Research Officer

Dr. Randall Urban

Dr. Randall Urban leads a diverse research community in the bold mission to improve medical practice through progressive translational research endeavors. He has 145 peer-review publications, is the Principal Investigator of UTMB's Clinical and Translational Science Award, and has 3 major research interests funded by the NIH and private foundations. In addition to Vice President for Research and Chief Research Officer, Dr. Urban is Vice Dean for Clinical Research in the John Sealy School of Medicine, Professor of Internal Medicine, Director of the Institute for Translational Sciences, and Fellow, John P. McGovern Distinguished Chair in Oslerian Medicine.

Strategic Research Plan

The Strategic Research Plan, which is used by leadership to  develop a path forward through goals, objectives and tactics, has broad input. It includes six integrated health communities that bring together researchers, educators, clinicians and community members to use prevention and treatment to transform illness to health. Read more.

Research Funding
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Changes in Research Personnel on an Approved Animal Protocol

Changes (addition/deletion) in research personnel on an animal protocol can only be requested via an amendment to the protocol. The “Add Personnel” webform has been retired.

Please read the new “Guidelines on Training Requirements for Research Personnel” before submitting a new protocol/Triennial Protocol or an amendment to an approved protocol.

You also can find the guidelines within InfoEd in the Lab Animals Help/User Guides under recent changes. 

Please contact the IACUC office if you have any questions.