Relinquishing an Award

When an award is granted, it is made to the university, not the principal investigator. Should the investigator leave the university, UTMB has the option to request a change of PI and continue the award. But sometimes, it is more appropriate to relinquish the award and transfer it with the investigator to the new institution.

To begin the process of relinquishing an award, submit the Request for PI/Award Relinquishment/Transfer form to your Grants and Contracts Accounting analyst. Things to consider as you are completing this request:

  • Are there subawards/subcontracts?
  • Was equipment purchased that will need to be transferred?
  • Has the PI notified the sponsor program officer?
  • Have any inventions been created and will patents need to be transferred?
  • Are all reports current?

See the form for the checklist of items to complete. As with all requests, please send complete information to ensure an accurate and timely process of the transfer, and work with your Grants and Contracts Accounting analyst if you have any questions.