UTMB Scientific Expertise Search (USES)


This site, presently in a beta-testing version, opened to the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) population on March 17, 2008.



The UTMB Scientific Expertise Search (USES) provides the ability to search for a specific scientific expertise from among a pool of UTMB faculty.


How it works:

The USES engine queries Pubmed.gov nightly for all years, for articles by authors affiliated with UTMB and stores data on these articles in a temporary database. Since PubdMed provides the affiliation of the first author only, USES locates articles based only on this.


The user queries this subset of data on any topic and the USES engine searches the data of all faculty authors currently at UTMB, whether or not they are the first author.


USES searches the titles and abstracts of articles in this subset for keywords or topics


The results display the names and email addresses of the authors, ranked by number of publications found.


By clicking on the number of publications beside a name, the user can view all the titles found by that author on the search topic. A link is provided which opens the abstract in PubMed.




         USES is not intended to be a literature search.

         Not all articles by an author are represented.

         The ranking by number of publications is not intended to be definitive.

         USES does not include articles by authors before they came to UTMB.


To see a list of all the authors it does find, and the number of articles for each, run a search in USES, but leave the search fields blank.

If you have any questions or comments about USES, or if your name or a faculty or researcher's name doesn't appear in the results as desired, please forward this information to us by clicking here.