UTMB Scientific Expertise Search (USES)



Search Tips for USES Search


¾      USES searches the full text of the title and abstract of each article included in the database.

¾      You may use upper and/or lower case letters.  Case does not matter.

¾      You may use full words or partial words.

¾      Separate words with a space.  There is no need to use any other operator characters (no wild cards, *, %, quotes, or parentheses)

¾      To access the entire USES database, leave the search fields blank, and select USES Search.

¾      Enter any search criteria or keywords in any combination of the search fields and select the “USES Search” button.

¾      “Clear” clears the contents of the entire page, including the search terms and results.


To refine your search, please follow the logic hints below:


1.       All Words (AND):  searches for all words entered, separated by a space.   Example: 
  All Words (AND):  aldose P38
finds only records that contain both words, aldose and P38 not necessarily next to each other

2.       Any Word (OR):  searches for any word entered, separated by a space.   Example:
  Any Word (OR): aldose P38
finds records containing at lease one of the two words, aldose or P38.

3.       Exact Phrase:  searches for the exact phrase entered.  There is no need to enclose in quotes or parentheses. Example:
  Exact Phrase:  Aldose reductase
finds records containing the exact phrase "Aldose reductase" in the text but will not find any records where the words do not appear together, side by side, at least once in the record.

4.       Not Including:  searches for any words, excluding the word entered.
Example 1:  
  Not Including: P38
will find all records except those containing the word P38.
Example 2:   
  All Words (AND): aldose
  Not Including: P38
will find records containing the word aldose but not if they also contain the word P38.



Saving Results


To save the table of results for an author, select all or use “ctrl-a” on your keyboard in the text, copy, and paste the data into an Excel worksheet; or in your browser you can choose File and Save As to save the webpage as a local html file (Web Archive,  single file [*.mht].)  The PMID links to PubMed should remain active either way.


Contact Linda Crumpler or Nick Patel if you need assistance.