Grant Authorship

The following statements are recommended by the UTMB Scientific Integrity Committee as guidelines related to grant proposal preparation and management.
Contributors to a grant proposal may include those with or without faculty status. These statements apply to those with faculty status, both on and off campus.
Faculty contributors are persons who participate in writing the grant or for whom salary is requested. The Principal Investigator (PI) is responsible for negotiating, in advance, how the funds will be budgeted, and, if required, rebudgeted upon award of the grant.
Possible budgetary modifications that can be suggested by the granting agency include:

  1. Overall reduction of funds
  2. Reduction in specific categories
  3. Reduction in personnel
  4. Reduction in responsibilities

Under each of these circumstances, it is the responsibility of the PI to give due consideration to the spirit of the agreement negotiated in advance. However, all concerned should realize that the PI bears sole responsibility for the proper execution of the funded work and must not be constrained by any prior agreement that is not compatible with the goals of the grant.
Some contributors may not be actively involved in the actual preparation of the proposal or conduction of the research, but make a contribution to the grant that should be recognized. For instance, some contributors may have conducted pilot studies or written their own grant proposals that contain similar aims or sections. Material belonging to one investigator should not be placed in another investigator’s grant without full knowledge and permission of said investigator.
It is the responsibility of the PI to keep each faculty contributor and subcontractor informed about the progress of the proposal including:

  1. Deadlines for submission
  2. All potential funding sources
  3. Contributions that are included in the proposal, such as: preliminary data, methods, figures, charts, tables, or photographs that come from the contributor’s published work, dissertations, theses, poster presentations, or unpublished manuscripts or reports
  4. Final acceptance, rejection and rebudgeting decisions

All communications with the funding agency, including the critique, should be shared with the faculty contributor and the subcontractor. Prior to discussions with the granting agency, the PI will notify the subcontractor and faculty contributors and their department chairs concerning changes in budget, including time and effort.
These guidelines are designed to lend clarity to the relationships between the PI and the project contributors.