Please note: This policy expires April 30, 2021. For the new 5-day submission policy, click here.

Submission of Application for Institutional Approvals 
(AKA: 10-day Policy)

Read the policy.

When was this policy effective?

August 1, 2013

Who is affected by this policy?

All Principal Investigators (PIs) submitting applications to an external entity requesting funding for UTMB projects .

What is needed?

UTMB PIs must submit their 10-day documents listed below to their preaward analyst in the Office of Sponsored Programs. 

Documents needed: 
Signed routing form, draft of abstract or research plan, final budget, final justification, signed cost-sharing form (if applicable), signed F&A waiver (if applicable), and subcontract docs (if applicable) including draft of letter of intent to establish a consortium (signature not required at 10 days), scope of work, final budget, and final budget justification. It is also helpful to include a copy of the announcement or guidelines.

Those documents must be reviewed by your preaward analyst, irrespective of the requirement for an institutional official's signature on the application.

When is it needed?

Documents must be submitted 10 working days prior to the submission deadline (those 10 days do not include weekends or UTMB holidays). 

What happens if I submit any of these documents after the 10-day deadline?

Depending on the circumstances, you may be asked to complete a late form and return it to your pre-award analyst when you send the remaining 10-day documents.

Which UTMB holidays are not counted as working days? 

For remainder of calendar year 2018: 
Winter Holiday: December 24th-28th and the 31st

For calendar year 2019: 
New Year's Day: January 1st
Martin Luther King Jr Day: January 21st
Memorial Day: May 27th
Independence Day: July 4th

Do you count the deadline day as one of the 10 working days? 


What if the deadline day is on a weekend?

For NIH applications, you may submit on the next working day. That is the day you would use and count backwards 10 working days. 

For non-NIH applications, you would use the Friday before the weekend due date to calculate your 10-day deadline.

How do you calculate the 10-day deadline?

Example: If you are submitting a new NIH R21 with a deadline of June 16, 2019 (a Sunday), you would use Monday, June 17th, to calculate the 10-day deadline. 

Count backwards: 


Day 10
Day 9
Day 8
Day 7
Day 6
Day 5
Day 4
Day 3
Day 2 
Due Date
Day 1

6/17 (Monday) = 1
Skip Sunday (6/16)
Skip Saturday (6/15)
6/14 (Friday) = 2
6/13 (Thursday) = 3
6/12 (Wednesday) = 4
6/11 (Tuesday) = 5
6/10 (Monday) = 6
Skip Sunday (6/9) 
Skip Saturday (6/8)
6/7 (Friday) = 7
6/6 (Thursday) = 8
6/5 (Wednesday) = 9
6/4 (Tuesday) = 10 working days

Your 10-day deadline would be Tuesday, June 4th.

The 10-day policy does not apply to:

Progress reports, rapid-response announcements, and subcontracts (where UTMB is the subcontractor).


Your preaward analyst may have to obtain additional approvals if the application is being submitted to a foundation, has cost-sharing, or is requesting an F&A rate that is less than what is allowed by the sponsor.