Grants come with specific reporting requirements that are a condition of accepting the award. For federal awards, 2CFR, Part 200, Subpart D, “Uniform Guidance – Post Federal Award Requirements”  sets forth the procedures for monitoring and reporting on the recipient’s financial and program performance, as well as the necessary standard reporting forms. The Notice of Award (NOA) also outlines the reporting requirements of the award.  For non-federal awards, please verify the sponsor requirements. It is the principal investigator's responsibility to understand and comply with all reporting requirements.

Progress/Technical Report

The principal investigator submits the final Progress Report to the sponsor and forwards a copy to Research Services/OSP. The report includes:

  • A summary of progress toward the achievement of the originally stated aims
  • A list of significant results (positive or negative)
  • A list of publications
  • A report on the inclusion of gender and minority study subjects (NIH only)
  • A report on whether children were involved in the study
  • A description of data, research materials, protocols, software or other information resulting from the research that is available to be shared with other investigators and how it may be accessed
Final Invention Statement

The Principal Investigator prepares the report and submits to Research Services/OSP for institutional review and signature. Research Services/OSP submits the final Invention Statement to the sponsor.

The final Invention Statement must be submitted whether or not the funded project resulted in any inventions. The report must list all inventions that were conceived or first actually reduced to practice during the course of work under the award. If there were no inventions, the form indicates “none.”

Financial Status Report

A final Federal Financial Report (FFR) is required for any grant that is terminated or expiring, and any grant that is transferred to a new grantee organization. FFRs may be required annually or more often for awards that do not fall under SNAP (streamlined non-competing award process).

Grants and Contracts Accounting (Reporting) prepares the FFR and sends to the Principal Investigator for review. Concurrence is required within 7 business days. If the PI does not respond within that time, Grants and Contracts Accounting initiates its Escalation Policy to resolve the matter.

Important information on the FFR to be reviewed:

  • Total expenses
  • Total funds authorized
  • Unobligated balances
  • Carryover balance
  • Previous years carryover
  • Cost sharing commitments, if required
  • Program income, if any
Research Performance Progress Report(RPPR)

Mandated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR) is a uniform  progress report format for grants awarded by all federal agencies that support research and research-related activities.

Granting agencies determine which reporting category is required, and this will be outlined in Notice of Award. It is due the 15th of the month prior the month in which the budget period ends.

Reporting Timelines for Federal Awards
SponsorTechnicalFinancialCash Draw Down
NIH120 days120 days90 days
NSF90 days120 days90 days
Other (unless stated in the NoA)90 days90 days90 days