John Sealy Memorial Endowment Fund for Biomedical Research

Bridging Grant Instructions and Application Packet

The Bridging Grant Program is intended to provide support to UTMB Investigators whose unfunded Federal grant applications (with a scheduled project period greater than or equal to two years in which we are allowed to recover our full F&A, e.g. R01 or equivalent, R21) have received favorable reviews and scores, and are eligible for resubmission. The Sealy Grant Program will "bridge" these proposals by providing a limited amount of funding to enable the PI to generate the data needed for a successful resubmission.  The bridge period is one year. 

The Sealy Bridging Grant Program is open to investigators from all schools and departments at UTMB. There is no restriction on the type of research performed (i.e. basic, clinical, outcomes/health services, career development, etc.).

Peer Review

John Sealy Memorial Endowment Fund (JSMEF) Bridging Grants will be evaluated using the NIH Enhanced Peer Review Process. Reviewers will utilize the 9-point rating scale.


JSMEF Bridging Grants are open to all eligible UTMB Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors. Please follow UTMB's current policy for Principal Investigator eligibility. The PI must have submitted a grant application to a federal agency that was not funded. The bridge funding should enable the investigator to carry out the work necessary for submission of a fundable proposal. The original application must have received a priority score and/or been ranked in the top 50% for the agency. A Multi-PI (MPI) grant would only be eligible if the application had been submitted by UTMB and the UTMB faculty is designated the “Contact PI”.

 An individual investigator may submit only one bridging application per round; and a JSMEF bridging application for any extramural grant application can be submitted only once.

 The Bridging Grant Program will provide funding of up to $25,000 for the R21 or equivalent grants and up to $50,000 for the R01 or equivalent grants for one year. Smaller budgets are encouraged.

 The most recent, original reviewer’s comments (Summary Statement or equivalent) may not be more than 10 months old at the time of bridging application submission.

 If other support (intramural or extramural) is obtained for the project, the Sealy Bridging Award will be inactivated and unexpended funds will be returned to the program.

The Bridging Letter of Intent

Submit the following information by email to Ericia Huff by April 15, 2018:

Title of Grant to be Bridged:
Grant #:
Grant Sponsor:
Date Originally Submitted:

The Bridging Application

The principal investigator is requested to provide one electronic copy by email to Ericia Huff to of the following:

  • An OSP routing form with appropriate signatures;
  • Face Page
  • An introductory statement (3 page maximum) containing:
    • A specific description of the activities that will be carried out during the one-year bridging period. The description should be responsive to the comments of the reviewers (both NIH and Sealy, if a JSMEF resubmission) of the unfunded project;
    • A justification of how the Sealy Bridging funds will enable the submission of a successful application;
    • A brief presentation of any new data that may be available.
  • A one-year detailed budget and budget justification using the standard PHS 398 form. Maximum budget is $50,000.
  • A listing of any changes in effort for key personnel since the original submission.
  • A copy of the most recently reviewed proposal.
  • A copy of the most recent reviewer’s comments (Summary Statement or equivalent).

Salary support for the Principal Investigator and Co-investigators is not an allowable expense. A minimum of 1% effort is required for all sponsored projects per UT System Policy UTS163-Guidance on Effort Reporting Policies.

Cost Sharing forms are not required.

Equipment and Computer costs are not an allowable cost. Travel will not be allowed unless it is required to carry-out the project (i.e., travel to communities to interview subjects). Subcontracts will be allowed only if subcontract budget is less than $5,000.

A faculty member may simultaneously submit to both the research pilot grant program and bridging grant program provided the applications are significantly different; however, only one application can be funded.

For additional information or answers to specific questions, please contact Ericia Huff at extension 6-9433.

Click here for a printed copy of the Bridging Grant application. Click here for a printed copy of the Bridging Grant instructions. For information or answers to specific questions, please contact Ericia Huff at extension 6-9433.