John Sealy Memorial Endowment Fund for Biomedical Research

Data Acquisition Grant Instructions and Application Packet

The Data Acquisition Grant Program is to stimulate the development of new research initiatives through the support of projects that have a very high probability of attracting new biomedical research grants to UTMB.

Peer Review

John Sealy Memorial Endowment Fund (JSMEF) Data Acquisition Grants will be evaluated using the NIH Enhanced Peer Review Process. Reviewers will utilize the 9-point rating scale.


JSMEF Data Acquisition Grants are open to all eligible UTMB Assistant Professors, Associate Professors and Professors from all schools at UTMB. Please follow UTMB's current policy for Principal Investigator eligibility.

Data Acquisition Grants will not supplement or replace externally funded research projects. It is incumbent upon the principal investigator (PI) to address the relationship between the proposed research and ongoing projects, and to convince the reviewers that successful completion of the proposed experiments will have a reasonable likelihood of attracting new grant support. Reviewers will critically evaluate proposals for scientific merit and the potential to attract new funding.

A condition of the award is the submission of a related extramural grant within 6 months of the end of the award. An abstract of a submitted grant can be used as this final report.  

The Data Acquisition Grant Application:

  1. OSP proposal routing form: An Office of Sponsored Programs Proposal Routing form must accompany all intramural research grant applications (copies of this form are available at the OSP web page:
  2. Cover Page. Title and type of the project (e.g. R01, R21) for which data will be acquired.
  3. Name and Title of the PI and Collaborators.
  4. Specific aims of the project that is planned, and the agency to which it is being sent. This section should not exceed 1 page.
  5. A description of how the proposed data acquisition project will strengthen the proposed research application. This section should not exceed 1 page.
  6. A list of literature cited (Please keep it brief and relevant).
  7. A budget detailing supplies and other expenses. Personnel costs are NOT allowed. Maximum budget is $10,000.
  8. Biosketch of the PI and Collaborators.

Cost Sharing forms are not required.

Equipment and Computer costs are not an allowable cost. Travel will not be allowed unless it is required to carry-out the project (i.e., travel to communities to interview subjects). Subcontracts will be allowed only if subcontract budget is less than $5,000.

A faculty member may simultaneously submit to any of the grant programs provided the applications are significantly different; however, only one application can be funded. 

For additional information or answers to specific questions, please contact Ericia Huff at extension 6-9433 or Dr. Nisha Garg

Click here for a printed copy of the Data Acquisition Grant application. Click here for a printed copy of the Data Acquisition Grant instructions.