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Roles and Responsibilities


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Roles and Responsibilities - Development

The UTMB Office of Development works closely with private donors to secure funding for UTMB. They also maintain relationships with foundations and work with Research Services to ensure proper management of foundation dollars.


  • Monitor and strengthen policies and procedures on an ongoing basis.
  • Develop new policies and procedures where needed.
  • Implement revised and newly created policies.
  • Interpret and implement university policies, and federal and other sponsor regulations related to research.
  • If instances of non-compliance and fraudulent activities exist, they will be reported to the appropriate office or hotline number.
  • Develop mandatory high quality training programs for administrators and researchers, and ensure availability to everyone.
  • Modify the training sessions as needed based on feedback from the evaluation forms.
  • Help identify vulnerabilities in research compliance.


  • Assist the principal investigator identify potential foundation and nonprofit funding sources.
  • Review foundation and nonprofit sponsor funding announcements through the Research Services Research Funding Library, the internet and other means in order to match investigators with potential sources of support, if requested.
  • Disseminate information on foundation and nonprofit funding opportunities, including application guidelines and forms.
  • Identify agency contacts at specific foundation and nonprofit sponsors.
  • Act as a liaison with foundation and nonprofit funding agencies, facilitating proposal development and promoting interaction with interested faculty.
  • Provide expert guidance on funding opportunities with foundations and nonprofit organizations.
  • Conduct educational offerings on finding funding, preparing budgets, using the eRA systems, and effectively acquiring research dollars when working with foundations and nonprofit organizations.


  • Store application templates and retrieve as necessary for foundations and nonprofit organizations.
  • Review foundation and nonprofit sponsor requirements.
  • Assist in sponsor guideline interpretation and compliance for foundation and nonprofit organization funding applications. Advice principal investigator on such guidelines.
  • Provide guidance to departments on proposal preparation for foundation and nonprofit organization funding.
  • Coordinate gift vs. grant  account setup with GCA and General Accounting
  • Provide support to the principal investigator in resolution of issues related to proposal development. This task includes, but is not limited to, serving as a resource to the principal investigator, providing expertise, and offering the benefit of professional development training/education in research administration.


  • Non-OSP intake departments submit to PreAward for InfoEd logging.
  • Review foundation and nonprofit proposal submissions including budget, budget justification, and document formatting according to sponsor requirements.
  • Confirm and assure that the principal investigator and department grant administrator follow sponsor and UTMB policy and guidelines for proposal preparation, review, approval and submission.
  • Contact investigator and department regarding missing internal paperwork, if appropriate.
  • Provide institutional approval of proposal components for foundation and nonprofit submissions.
  • Work with the principal investigators for those proposals that are mailed to foundation and nonprofit sponsors, and also work with the principal investigators in order to process electronic proposal submissions to those organizations.
  • Assist with the implementation of sponsor electronic grant processing systems for foundation and nonprofit sponsors.


  • Work with GCA and the Project Setup team to determine if award is a gift or grant.


  • Maintain an electronic database of each gift or grant terms and conditions.
  • Ensure that restrictions imposed by donor are adhered to and are not changed without the consent of the donor.
  • Maintain a permanent record of all gift agreements in accordance with UTMB policy.
  • Work with GCA to submit financial reports to sponsor or funding agency.


  • Work with GCA to submit final financial reports to donor or funding agency.