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Roles and Responsibilities


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Roles and Responsibilities Contracts

Research Services Contracts group is responsible for reviewing, negotiating and executing contracts with federal sponsors.They work in conjunction with the Office of Sponsored Programs, as well as UTMB's legal advisors.


  • If instances of non-compliance and fraudulent activities exist they will be reported to the appropriate office or hotline number.
  • Help identify vulnerabilities in research compliance.

  • If needed, prepare Past Performance information, Small Business sub-contract plan, Representations and Certifications
  • Process subcontracts under prime awards using MSA from FDP.

  • Generates, negotiates and executes outgoing subcontracts.
  • Negotiate subagreements with incoming prime awardees/contractors.
  • Review and approve incoming subrecipient agreements.
  • Review contracts/agreements,  Confidential Disclosure Agreements, Sub recipient Agreements, Clinical Trial Agreements etc. in preparation for negotiations.
  • Generate and negotiate contracts in accordance with UTMB and University of Texas System policies and procedures. (Federal/State/ Local Pre- Award, Industry Clinical, and Industry Non- Clinical)
  • Follow-up on pre-award spending open accounts.
  • Submit documentation to PSU for project request.
  • Ensure an appropriate F&A rate is charged to each program.
  • Review terms and conditions, and budget of outgoing subcontract.
  • Outgoing subcontracts initiated after initial award setup.
  • Review and provide guidance for submissions to a federal sponsor, such as sub recipient letter of commitment, budget and statement of work, Reps and Certs, completion of agency cover page, etc.


  • Review changes to existing outgoing sub-contract budget and payment clauses.
  • Initiate purchase requisition for the sub agreement in system with the proper amount and recipient.
  • Purchase order and subagreement sent to vendor.
  • Incorporate additional terms into subawards based on the risk assessment of the subrecipient organization.


  • Resolve and manage collection and payment issues. - Incoming subcontract (legal)
  • Resolve and manage collection and payment issues. - Prime Contract (legal)
  • Maintain all documents related to sponsored project activity based on UTMB or Sponsor retention policy.
  • Retain grant and contract financial records for nine years after the last activity on the award as per UTMB Policy on records retention.