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Gulf Coast Consortia Update

Jul 17, 2020, 12:02 PM by Melodi Moore



Shared Cores Update

The GCC Shared Equipment and Resource Committee is meeting regularly to keep everyone updated on the latest developments.  For the most part, all shared cores are engaged in phased re-openings.  Many are not yet allowing visitors external to their institution, but exceptions may be possible (on a case by case basis).  It has been noted by the committee, that it is anticipated that there may be a higher than usual volume of users needing core resources once they are operational.  As such, users may expect delays in being able to get back into the cores.  Potential users are strongly encouraged to contact core leaders and get into the queue asap.  Information on Shared Cores and contacts can be found on the GCC Shared Core Website.

Upcoming Events

 ONLINE: #Pain2020 Workshop: Neuropathic Pain Strategies, July 17

We invite you to join us for the kickoff of our new #Pain2020 workshop series, sponsored by the GCC Translational Pain Research and Texas Pain Research Consortia.  You may recall that in light of COVID-19, the organizing committee of the Next Generation of Pain Therapeutics: From Discovery to Clinic conference agreed to transition the agenda to a series of monthly virtual workshops to include the speakers/topics that were going to be covered in the conference.  The first workshop, moderated by Ted Price and Annemieke Kavelaars, will take place on July 17 at 1 pm and will focus on neuropathic pain strategies. Speakers include Dale George, Northwestern University; Peter Grace, MD Anderson; Ken Hargreaves, UT San Antonio; and Daniela Salvemini, St. Louis University. Attendees will have the opportunity to post questions directed to speakers in the chat and to also participate in less formal dialog in Slack channels for each of the specific presentations. Click HERE to register. LIMITED SPACES LEFT

ONLINE: 2nd Annual ADME: Lead Characterization and Optimization Conference, October 6

ONLINE: 1st Annual GCC Single Cell Omics Symposium, October 8

Confirmed speaker: Orit Rosenblatt, Broad Institute; Lukas Simon; UTHealth; Koichi Takahashi, MDA; Nick Navin, MDA; Navin Varadarajan, UH; Courtney Hodges, BCM; and Ruli Gao, Houston Methodist.  Symposium website and Registration

Save the date: 30th Annual Keck Research Conference, The Keck Center, a Science Odyssey, 2020 and Beyond, October 29 & 30

This annual conference recognizes the collaborative research conducted by predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees of the Keck Center. To celebrate the Keck Center’s 30th anniversary,  the conference will feature outstanding speakers, Keck alums and current trainees and while looking to future opportunities in the quantitative biomedical sciences. Confirmed keynote speakers include Wah Chiu (also a Keck Center co-founder) and  Carlos D. Bustamante; and Keck Center alums Kendra Carmon, Upma Sharma, and Amarda Shehu.  Keck Center co-founders Kathy Matthews and Monte Pettitt are conference organizers.  Plans are for this conference to be held via a virtual format if an in-person meeting is not possible. Conference website

 ONLINE: 2nd Annual Translational Imaging Conference: AI and Machine Learning in Imaging, November 10

ONLINE: 3rd Annual GCC Mental Health Research Conference, New Date December 2-4

This exciting event will highlight advances in Mental Health Research in the region and across the nation and will take place in three 2-hour video sessions, each followed by an interactive breakout lunch session.  Confirmed keynote, Joshua Gordon, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) will discuss priorities and funding opportunities. Additional confirmed speakers: Gabrielle Rudenko, UTMB; Sameer Sheth, BCM; Jacob Robinson, Rice; Agenor Limon, UTMB; Therese Kosten, UH; Consuelo Walss-Bass, UTHealth; Francesco Versace, MDA; Fernanda Laezza, UTMB; Wayne Goodman, BCM; Shelly Buffington, UTMB; Gabriel Fries, UTHealth, John Allen, UTMB; Kimberly Tolias, BCM; Samina Salim, UH; Yong Xu, BCM; and Douglas Engelke, UTHealth. Conference website  Registration.

ONLINE: 2nd Annual Cellular and Molecular Biophysics Conference: December 9-11

Save the date: Translational Pain Research Conference, April 8, 2021 

Confirmed speaker, Walter Koroshetz, Director NINDS. Stay tuned for more information.

Rescheduled: 2nd Annual Innovative Drug Discovery and Development Conference, New Date May 10-11, 2021

Please save the date for this exciting conference and stay tuned for speaker updates. Confirmed speakers include Harvey Lodish, MIT; Imran Alibhai, CEO Tvardi Therapeutics;  Armen Shanafelt, Lilly Ventures;  Mike Davies, MDA; Alexandra Walsh, TAMU; James Inglese, NIH/NCATS; Larry Sklar, UNM; Anne Carpenter, Broad Institute; Jason Bock, MDA; John Joslin, Genomics Institute of Novartis, and Katy Rezvani, MDA.  Stay tuned for updates. Conference website Registration.

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