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CPRIT Suspending First Cycle of CPRIT Awards for Fiscal Year 2021

Apr 1, 2020, 10:28 AM by Melodi Moore
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CPRIT has made the difficult decision to suspend moving forward with the first cycle of grant applications for fiscal year 2021 (FY 21.1) for Academic Research, Product Development Research and Prevention Program awards. CPRIT is taking this action in response to the unexpected impact to the State’s budget from the COVID-19 pandemic and a projected decrease in oil and gas revenues. CPRIT continues to evaluate releasing Requests for Applications (RFAs) for fiscal year 2021 and is committed to doing so if circumstances support it.

CPRIT has closed the FY 21.1 Academic Research Program RFAs listed below (originally due June 3). CPRIT will not accept applications responding to these RFAs and will withdraw any FY 21.1 applications already submitted.

Applications for the second cycle of fiscal year 2020 (FY 20.2) are currently undergoing peer review. CPRIT is not withdrawing the FY 20.2 applications and expects to announce awards in August or early fall.

RFA R-21.1 - RTA Research Training Awards

RFA R-21.1 - IIRA Individual Investigator Research Awards

RFA R-21.1 - IIRACCA Individual Investigator Research Awards for Cancer in Children and Adolescents

RFA R-21.1 - IIRACT Individual Investigator Research Awards for Clinical Translation

RFA R-21.1 - IIRACSBC Individual Investigator Research Awards for Computational Systems Biology of Cancer

RFA R-21.1 - IIRAP Individual Investigator Research Awards for Prevention and Early Detection

If you have applied for one of these RFAs and have questions, please contact your pre-award analyst.

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