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Gulf Coast Consortia Updates

Jul 17, 2019, 15:36 PM by Melodi Moore


A Collaboration of Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, University of Houston, University of Texas Health Science Center, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Institute of Biosciences & Technology of Texas A&M Health Science Center

Looking for a particular piece of equipment?

Did you know that the GCC has a Shared Equipment and Resource Committee (SERC) composed of the Directors/Leaders in equipment inventory and acquisition from each of the GCC institutions?  If you are looking for a particular piece of equipment, please email Suzanne Tomlinson, and the committee members will work together to try to locate it and introduce you to the PI who owns/administers it.


 Scientific Data Integrity Workshop, July 24

One in the series of the GCC Rigor and Reproducibility (RR) Program targeted modules, this workshop is designed to cover fundamental elements necessary to help assure the quality and integrity of data derived from research studies.  The workshop will review best practices for documentation of research activities, data capture, data (and document) management, and introduce risk mitigation strategies to enhance study reproducibility. A combination of mini lectures, case studies, and group exercises will comprise the activities. Knowledge gained will allow attendees to implement lessons learned within their research environment as elements of a quality system or internal to an individual research project. BioScience Research Collaborative, Room 1003, 6500 Main St  10 am -2:30 pmRegistration has reached capacity, please choose to be placed on the waitlist from the registration page.

Regenerative Medicine Summer Networking Colloquium, July 25

We invite you to REGISTER for the GCC Regenerative Medicine Consortium Summer Networking Colloquium where attendees will have the opportunity to introduce themselves, their research interests, and the type of collaborator they would like to find.  The event will take place on July 25th in the Bioscience Research Collaborative, room 1003.  The overarching goal of the event is to provide a venue to i) welcome and showcase Junior Faculty researchers, ii) highlight established investigators, and iii) allow networking to facilitate new collaborative research projects in regenerative medicine.   The event will take place from 3-5pm and will be followed by a networking reception.  For more information, contact Suzanne Tomlinson.

Reproducible Research (RR) with R and RStudio Workshop, July 30

First in the series of the GCC Rigor and Reproducibility (RR) Program targeted modules, this workshop will: 1) discuss examples motivating the shift to RR; 2) survey the simple nature of the most common problems; 3) discuss organizing data as projects; 4) use Rstudio, knitr, and rmarkdown to illustrate the use of literate programming to interleave text describing the analyses with the code producing the results; 5) use Rstudio, devtools, and roxygen2 to construct a basic R package; 6) survey other commonly used tools and give pointers to how they might be used and where to   learn more. This course will take place from presumes some working knowledge of R. Attendees are requested to bring laptops with recent versions of R and Rstudio installed, as well as the R packages knitr, rmarkdown, devtools, roxygen2, and RTools (this last is for Windows PCs; it’s required to compile R packages). BioScience Research Collaborative, 6500 Main St, Room 1003, 9 am - 3 pm. Registration has reached capacity, please choose to be placed on the waitlist from the registration page.

Logo Design Contest:  Enter your design and win $250! Deadline August 1

Designs should be in full color, and all graphics should be in the highest resolution possible, as the logo will be used in all promotional materials for the 2019 Annual Keck Research Conference (see below). Theme: “Precision Environmental Health: Integrating Environmental Sciences, Genomics, and Data Science to Advance Human Health.” More information is here.

Gulf Coast Vascular Research Consortium meeting, August 23-24

Co-sponsored by the Gulf Coast Consortium for Regenerative Medicine, this conference will highlight cutting edge research in vascular biology and disease from world-renowned laboratories across the Gulf Coast region.  Attendees will learn of the latest advances in key areas of vascular biology and disease – including endothelial biology and vascular inflammation, vascular aging and regeneration, genetic and epigenetic mechanisms of vascular disease, lymphatic and venous pathobiology, vascular imaging and bioengineering - and how these insights are being translated into novel therapies for patients. The event will take place at Houston Methodist Research Institute, 6670 Bertner Ave. 2nd Floor.  For more information, click HERE.

Rigor and Reproducibility Publication and Reporting Workshop, August 28

We invite you to join us for the newest in our Rigor and Reproducibility series.  This workshop will take place in the Bioscience Research Collaborative from 10-2 pm and will focus on NIH guidelines for publication and reporting as well as interactive discussions on challenges and pitfalls to avoid with regard to publishing your own research as well as determining whether a published article has provided enough information to convince you of its findings.  Attendance will be limited to 50, so please register early.

Innovative Drug Discovery & Development Roundtable Series: High Throughput Screening, September 5

Please join us for the first of our Fall Roundtable Workshops which will highlight High Throughput Screening.  Confirmed speakers include Douglas Auld, Novartis and Clifford Stephan, Institute of Biosciences and Technology.  The event will take place in BRC 1003 from 2:30-5 with networking reception following.  Registration will be limited to 70. Registration.

Systems Biology for Clinical Infectious Diseases Research Symposium, September 18

This Symposium, focused on antimicrobial resistance, will take place at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.  Confirmed speakers include Joao Xavier, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center;  Joan Nichols, UTMB; Charles Chiu, UCSF; Cesar Arias, UTHealth; Lynn Bry, Harvard; Joe Petrosino, BCM; Eric Brown, FDA;  and Martha Head, Oak Ridge National Laboratory. More information Symposium website.

29th Annual Keck Research Conference, October 11

“Precision Environmental Health: Integrating Environmental Sciences, Genomics, and Data Science to Advance Human Health.” This conference focuses on interdisciplinary bioscience and will include talks from internationally recognized experts in the broad area of environmental health sciences.  Confirmed speakers include Andrea Baccarelli, MD, PhD, Professor and Chair, Environmental Health Sciences, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health; James Eberwine, PhD, Professor of Pharmacology, Perelman School of Medicine, UPenn; Elizabeth Winzeler, PhD, Professor, Director of Translational Research, UC San Diego and Debra Laskin, PhD, Professor and Chair, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Rutgers University. Conference chair:  Cheryl Walker, PhD, Director, Center for Precision Environmental Health, Baylor College of Medicine. Co-chairs:  Marie Lynn Miranda, PhD, Professor of Statistics, and Director, Children's Environmental Health Initiative, Rice University; and Craig Hanis, Professor, Epidemiology, Human Genetics & Environmental Sciences, UTHealth. Conference Website

1st Annual GCC Translational Imaging Symposium, October 22

Confirmed speakers include Alan Koretsky, NINDS; Janet Eary, NCI Cancer Imaging Program; Angelique Louie, UC Davis;  John Gore, Vanderbilt University; John Hazle, MDA; Mostafa Waleed Gaber, BCM; Masoud Motamedi, UTMB; Refaat Gabr, UTHealth; Jim Bankson, MDA; Robia Pautler, BCM; Ponnada Narayana; UTHealth, Omid Veiseh, Rice; and Badri Roysam, UH.  Registration.

ADME: Lead Characterization and Optimization, October 29

We invite you to REGISTER for this exciting conference introducing our newest CPRIT-funded GCC Center for PK/PD and Formulation (CCPF).  Sponsored by CPRIT, CCPF, and the GCC Innovative Drug Discovery and Development Consortium, this conference will include a “How-to” session on approaching PK (ADME)/PD and formulation studies.  Topics discussed will include protein:protein interactions, biologics, small molecules and examples of projects from users of the core.  Additional sessions will include experts who will cover IND-enabling studies and regulatory considerations, and industry professionals who will present on current state-of-the-art and how those boundaries are being pushed as we move into the future of drug development.  Stay tuned for more information.

Regenerative Medicine Symposium, November 8

We invite you to join us for this exciting symposium that will focus on latest advances in regenerative medicine research, including recent and ongoing clinical trials.  Confirmed speakers include Edward Wirth, BioTime, Inc.; Joshua Hare, University of Miami; Cindy Farach-Carson, UTHealth; Frank McKeon, University of Houston; Robert Krencik, Houston Methodist; and Ying Liu, UTHealth.  Registration.

Save the Date: Emerging Trends in Cellular and Molecular Biophysics, December 3

3rd Annual Texas Medical Center Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Stewardship, January 22-24

We invite you to REGISTER early for this exciting conference.  Confirmed speakers include Helen Boucher, Tufts University; William Shafer, Emory University; David Greenberg, UT Southwestern; Ryan Shields, University of Pittsburgh; Brian Werth, University of Washington; David van Duin, University of N. Carolina; Vance Fowler, Duke; Sara Cosgrove, Johns Hopkins; Victor Nizet, University of California San Diego; Edgar Sherman, Emory; Ying Taur, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; Andy Koh, UT Southwestern; Cindy Sears, Johns Hopkins; Marion Kainer, Tennessee Dept. of Health; Chanu Rhee, Harvard Medical School; Kim Blumenthal, Harvard Medical School; Lilian Abbo, University of Miami; Anna Konovalova, UTHealth; Anthony Flores, UTHealth; Natasha Kirienko, Rice University; Gerald Bills, UTHealth; Ashok Chopra, UTMB; Julian Hurdle, IBT; Lynn Zechiedrich, BCM; Adriana Rosato, HMRI; Eric Brown, UTHealth; Sheldon Kaplan, TCH; Sam Shelburne, MDA; Isaam Raad, MDA; Luis Ostrosky, UTHealth; Luis Vega, UTHealth; Jourdan Andersson, BCM; Kevin Garey, UH; Christy Su, Memorial Hermann; Ed Septimus, Harvard and TAMU; Chase Janak, HMRI; Mandelin Cooper, HCA Healthcare; Dan Musher, BCM; Carol Baker, UTHealth; Flor Munoz, TCH; and Robert Atmar, BCM. For more information and sponsorship opportunities, see CONFERENCE WEBSITE.

Save the Date: 3rd Annual GCC Mental Health Research Conference, March 31, 2020

Please mark your calendar for this exciting event that will highlight advances in Mental Health Research in the region and across the nation.  Confirmed keynote, Joshua Gordon, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) will discuss priorities and funding opportunities.  Stay tuned for updates.                           

Save the Date: Next Generation Pain Therapeutics from Basic Science to the Clinic, April 13-15, 2020

We invite you to join us for the 10th Anniversary Conference of our Translational Pain Research Consortium.  Keynote speaker, Walter Koroshetz, Director, National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) will discuss NINDS priorities and opportunities, including those related to the HEAL initiative.  Plenary presentations will be selected from short proposals submitted HERE.  Registration will be limited to 375.  Stay tuned to the conference website for more information.

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