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Retirement Research Foundation Accepting Applications for Projects in Aging

Mar 27, 2019, 19:00 PM by Melodi Moore

Retirement Research Foundation
With the aim of improving quality of life for adults over the age of 65, grants will be awarded in support of projects in the areas of advocacy, research, professional education, and direct service programming, the Retirement Research Foundation announces the following funding activities.  All are due May 1, 2019.

Projects that have a regional or national impact on older Americans. Of particular interest are projects that:

  • Advance policy issues of critical importance to our nation’s seniors such as economic security, health care, housing, etc.
  • Use clearly focused and strategic efforts to address systemic problems
  • Forge partnerships with organizations to achieve better use of resources and to share knowledge

Direct Service
Projects that:

  • Increase the availability and effectiveness of comprehensive community programs designed to maintain older persons in their homes.
  • Provide supportive services to older persons in residential settings, such as congregate living facilities, group homes, and assisted living facilities
  • Improve the quality of nursing home care.
  • Coordinate the provision of acute- and long-term care for older persons with chronic conditions by supporting efforts that provide continuity of care, prevention, early intervention, and client education
  • Provide new and expanded opportunities for older adults to engage in meaningful roles in society such as employment and volunteerism

Professional Education and Training
Projects that have a national impact on older Americans. RRF recognizes the importance of a well-trained work force to serve older persons both in the community and in residential settings.

Of particular interest are programs that:

  • Increase the knowledge and skills of professionals and paraprofessionals who serve older adults, ages 65 and older
  • Expand the capacity and number of professionals and paraprofessionals prepared to meet the growing demands of an aging population

Research projects that have a regional or national impact on older Americans.  Of particular interest are projects that:

  • Seek causes and solutions to significant problems facing older adults, ages 65 and older, through support of applied and policy research for which federal funding is not available

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