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New 2-Step Submission Process for RPPRs with Inclusion Enrollment Data

Jan 23, 2019, 11:51 AM by Melodi Moore


With the launch of the new Human Subjects System (HSS), there is now a new two-step submission process for any Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR) reporting inclusion enrollment updates.  When investigators are completing their RPPR inclusion enrollment updates, the system will now automatically open a separate screen for enrollment data entry.  This requires separate submission steps for the enrollment data file and the full RPPR file.  The NIH RPPR Instruction Guide has not yet been updated regarding this new process.  In the meantime, please see below for additional details and instructions for Signing Officials and Principal Investigators. 

  • Who’s Affected?  All principal investigators submitting RPPR files with 2018 inclusion enrollment updates submitted since the June 9, 2018 launch of the Human Subjects System (HSS).
  • What’s Changed?  There is now a two-step submission process for inclusion enrollment data updates made during the RPPR process – one submission via ASSIST for the inclusion data and a separate submission for the full RPPR file. 
    • Investigators will enter their inclusion enrollment updates via ASSIST in the Human Subjects and Clinical Trial (HSCT) form.  When completed, they need to update the ASSIST file status to “Ready for Submission” and route to their Signing Official (SO) for submission prior to the submission of their full RPPR file. 
    • Once the SO then submits the updated HSCT form, the RPPR can be completed and submitted as usual. (See below for detailed instructions)

Note: If the SO does not submit the ASSIST HSCT updates prior to the RPPR submission, the RPPR file will not reflect the updates made to the inclusion enrollment data.  Investigators will receive a warning when trying to submit their RPPR (see screenshot below) but this does not prevent them from submitting.

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