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Institutional CPRIT Deadlines Extended

Oct 18, 2018, 14:30 PM by Melodi Moore

CPRIT Innovations Save the Date

On September 5, Research Services informed the UTMB research community of the new CPRIT institutional limits on certain awards.  This announcement was made through this blog post and through various ListServ announcements delivered directly to subscribers inboxes.  Unfortunately, there are some who were unaware of the new institutional limits.  In an effort to inform the campus and insure that those interested in applying have the opportunity to compete for these awards, the UTMB Health institutional guidelines have been extended to October 31, 2018.  

To reiterate, the following CPRIT funding opportunities now have institutional submission limits.  In order to submit a grant to one of them, you must first submit  a biosketch and one-page abstract to Erica Huff by 5:00 p.m. on October 31, 2018.  These initial submissions will be reviewed by the Grant Review and Oversight (GRO) Committee.  Those selected will be notified in time to write a full proposal to submit to CPRIT.  Questions should be directed to Ms. Huff.

Opportunities include:

Early Translational Research Awards
Award: up to $ 2 million in total costs
Maximum duration: 1-2 years.
***The University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston limited to two (2) submissions***

High-Impact/High-Risk Research Awards (HIHR)
Award: Up to $200,000 (total costs)
Maximum duration: 2 years.
CPRIT is imposing a limit of 5 applications from an academic research institution

Collaborative Action Program to Reduce Liver Cancer Mortality in Texas: Collaborative Action Center Award
Award: CPRIT plans to make multiple awards in response to this RFA. Up to $500,000 in total costs per year.
Maximum duration: 5 years.
***A PI may submit only 1 application under this RFA***


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