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CPRIT Releases Prevention Program Funding

Nov 5, 2021, 16:32 PM by Melodi Moore

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In late October. the Cancer Prevention & Research Institute of Texas released three (3) RFAs for cancer prevention grants.  They are listed below:

Evidence-Based Cancer Prevention Services

Seeks to fund projects that will deliver evidence-based cancer prevention and control clinical services. Priority will be given to projects that propose to address CPRIT areas of emphasis and serve areas of the state not well addressed by current CPRIT funded projects. Only proposals for new projects are eligible under this mechanism. Eligible applications must include the delivery of services to nonmetropolitan (rural) and medically underserved counties in the state.

DEADLINE:  February 09, 2022

Expansion of Cancer Prevention Services to Rural and Medically Underserved Populations

Seeks to support the coordination and expansion of evidence based services to prevent cancer in underserved populations who do not have adequate access to cancer prevention interventions and health care, bringing together networks of public health and community partners to carry out programs tailored for their communities. Projects should identify cancers that cause the most burden in the community and use evidence-based models shown to work in similar communities to prevent and control these cancers. For the first expansion application, eligible applicants should propose to expand their programs to include additional types of prevention clinical services and/or an expansion of current clinical services into additional counties. For a subsequent expansion, additional clinical services and/or expansion to additional counties is optional; the number of clinical services delivered must be increased substantially if no further geographic or clinical service expansion is proposed.

DEADLINE:  February 09, 2022

Tobacco Control and Lung Cancer Screening

Seeks to fund programs on tobacco prevention and cessation, as well as screening for early detection of lung cancer. Through release of this RFA, CPRIT’s goal is to stimulate more programs across the state, thereby providing greater access for underserved populations and reducing the incidence and mortality rates of tobacco-related cancers. This RFA seeks to promote and deliver evidence-based programming designed to significantly increase tobacco cessation among adults and/or prevent tobacco use by youth.

On June 16, 2021, a webinar was held to provide an overview of the EBP, EPS and TCL funding opportunities followed by a question and answer session. The webinar was recorded, archived and is available for view on the CPRIT website.