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John Sealy Memorial Endowment (JSME) Seeking LOIs

Apr 30, 2021, 08:23 AM by Melodi Moore
The John Sealy Memorial Endowment (JSME) Task Force is interested in learning about any new Centers that are being formed that may need to request JSME/Tobacco Funds.  

Basic Information

New Center/Institute:

Funding Amount Requested (est): FY22: FY23: FY24: Total:

Examples of allowable use of center funds (not comprehensive): limited administrative personnel; equipment and supplies that can be accessible to a broad group of researchers; grant editors if justified by broad access to many faculty, a small amount of the faculty director's salary; other faculty only if they provide services critical to the research mission (e.g., biostats, bioinformatics, etc.); unique cores and facilities also supported by grants or user fees; software; travel expenses justified to contribute to the research mission; pilot grants; outreach that impacts the research mission; seminar and conference costs for activities that broadly benefit research on campus; and expenses designed to grow off-setting revenue.

Date Submitted:

Parent School/Department:

Director Name(s):

Attach responses using the following headings. (no more than two pages)

UTMB Research Mission

  • Describe the new Center's mission and goals and how it will uniquely and broadly impact the UTMB research mission.

Future Grant Funding

  • Describe how the Center will provide scientific leadership for developing major external funding such as Center, program project, and training grants that will help share center costs.

Major Collaborations

  • Describe no more than five proposed collaborations with other UTMB centers/entities and how they will be impacted by the program/initiatives of the new Center.

Upon receipt of this LOI, we will determine if you will be invited to submit a full application later.  Please complete and return to Kirk Nealy at by May 14, 2021.