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Gulf Coast Consortia Update - March 31

Mar 31, 2021, 11:28 AM by Melodi Moore


The NIH-funded, multi-institutional Texas Medical Center Training Program in Antimicrobial Resistance (TPAMR) (T32AI141349, Program Director Dr. Cesar Arias, University of Texas Health Science Center, UTHSC) welcomes 1 new postdoctoral fellow: Taryn Eubank, UH/TMHRI (mentors Kevin Garey, UH; Barbara Trautner, BCM; Blake Hanson, UTH; and Julian Hurdle, TAMU-IBT).

Upcoming Events 

Keck Seminar, April 9

Dr. Robert Tillman, Faculty Development Specialist and National Research Mentoring Network Master Facilitator, presents Making LinkedIn Your Network to Work. Upcoming talks include Dr. Greg Cuny, University of Houston (Apr. 16); Dr. Rosa Uribe, Rice University (Apr. 23) (this talk is also part of the GCC’s Innovation and Diversity in Biomedical Science series); and Dr. Margie Moczygemba, IBT, Texas A&M University (Apr. 30).  Seminars are open to the public and held virtually via zoom from 4-5pm CST on Fridays. To receive the Keck Seminar weekly reminders and Zoom login information, please contact Vanessa Herrera or join our Keck Seminar listserv. Keck Seminar Schedule

Rescheduled: GCC Regenerative Medicine Symposium: From Discovery to the Clinic, March 31

Confirmed keynote speakers include Maria T. Millan, California Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Tom Bollenbach, ARMI/BioFabUSA. Local speakers include Laura Smith Callahan, UT Health Science Center at Houston; George T. Eisenhoffer, MD Anderson; Camila Hochman Mendez, Texas Heart Institute; Renita Horton, Univ. of Houston; Henri Justino, Baylor College of Medicine/Texas Children’s Hospital; Nhat-Tu Le, Houston Methodist Research Institute; and Ross A. Poché, Baylor College of Medicine. Conference Website Registration

Data Science Consulting Clinic, Every Monday

This clinic is free and open to the GCC community. Rice D2K Lab faculty and students provide advice and assistance with any data science challenges you might have. Mondays, 1:30-4:30 pm; Online via Zoom (Link); for more information:

Online: GCC Texas Pain Research Highlights 2021, April 7-8

Confirmed speaker, Walter Koroshetz, Director, NINDS. Conference Website Registration

Rescheduled: GCC Future of Immunology Conference, April 28-29

Confirmed speakers include Dario Vignali, Univ. of Pittsburgh; Linda Saif, The Ohio State Univ.; Bali Pulendran, Stanford Univ. Conference Website Registration

Rescheduled: 2ndAnnual GCC Innovative Drug Discovery and Development Conference, New Date: May 10-11

Attendees will hear from CPRIT on future directions and opportunities in cancer drug development, and will be able to learn about the exceptional drug discovery and development core resources that are available in the Gulf Coast region and across Texas, as well as interact with those core directors in breakout rooms. Confirmed speakers include Imran Alibhai, CEO Tvardi Therapeutics; Rima Al-awar, Ontario Institute for Cancer Research; Jason Bock, MD Anderson; Mike Davies, MD Anderson; Emilia Di Francesco, MD Anderson; Sarah Hein, TMCx; James Inglese, NIH/NCATS; Sara Johnson, Baylor College of Medicine; Lyn Jones, Harvard Univ.; John Joslin, Genomics Institute of Novartis; Elisabetta Leo, AstraZeneca; Craig Lindsley, Vanderbilt Univ.; Harvey Lodish, Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Tom Lynch, Jr., Fred Hutch; Reid Powell, IBT, Texas A&M Univ.; Cliona Rooney, Baylor College of Medicine; Vlad Sandulace, Baylor College of Medicine; Haifa Shen, Houston Methodist Research Institute; Larry Sklar, Univ. New Mexico; Nakia Spencer, MD Anderson; Fabio Stossi, Baylor College of Medicine; Cindy WalkerPeach, CPRIT; Alexandra Walsh, Texas A&M Univ.; and Alex Waterson, Vanderbilt Univ.

Conference Website Registration

Save the Date: Rigor and Reproducibility Workshop, May 27

Rescheduled: 3rdAnnual GCC Mental Health Research Symposium: Neurobiology and Translational Psychiatry, Sept. 21, 2021

Save the date and stay tuned for speaker updates. Confirmed speaker: Joshua Gordon, NIMH/NIH. Conference Website

Save the Date: 2nd Annual GCC Single Cell Omics Symposium, Oct. 7

Save the Date: 31st Keck Annual Research Conference, Friday, Oct. 22

Theme: Infectious Diseases: Emerging Threats and Emerging Technologies. Co-chairs: Terri Koehler, UTHealth, and Sam Shelburne, MD Anderson

Save the Date: Future Trends in Quantitative and Theranostic Imaging, Nov. 2-3

Confirmed speakers include Dara Kraitchman, Johns Hopkins, and David Hormuth, UT Austin.