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CPRIT Announces STOP to Prior Approval Change

Feb 12, 2021, 16:49 PM by Melodi Moore

CPRIT Innovations Save the Date

The proposed change CPRIT announced in the Texas Register in September has been stopped.  The rule change as proposed would require grant recipients to receive CPRIT approval for all budget changes and/or transfers. After consideration of the comments received regarding the proposed change, CPRIT has decided not to move forward with amending § 703.25(e) at this time.

CPRIT will continue to allow a grantee to make non-equipment related budget changes or transfers without agency approval so long as the total dollar amount of all changes of any single line item (individually and in the aggregate) within budget categories other than equipment is 10% or less of the total budget for the applicant grant year; the transfer will not increase or decrease the total grant budget; and the transfer will not materially change the nature, performance level, or scope of the project. CPRIT reserves the right to reverse one or more automatically approved budget changes or transfers if CPRIT determines that the grantee has made multiple individual budget changes or transfers within the same category that, if considered together, would require Institute approval.