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Research Quarterly Update Video Posted

Feb 11, 2021, 13:20 PM by Melodi Moore
The recent Research Quarterly Update (RQU) was packed with important information for everyone in the UTMB Research Community.  If you were one of the almost160 people in attendance and would like to review the information provided or if you were unable to attend, a video has been posted.  A Research Quarterly Update Teams Channel has also been created in case there is information from previous presentations that you would like to review.

From Dr. Urban presenting his Strategic Research Plan to learning about the new biorepository from Director, Michelle Felicella, MD to discovering collaboration possibilities from Dr. Lisa Campo-Engelstein, Director of the Institute for Bioethics & Health Humanities, researchers from bench to clinic are able to benefit.

Publications and awards from the last quarter were recognized and faculty members were recognized for recent honors.  Tara Lehrman, Sr. Administrative Support Associate in Neurology and for Mitchell Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases, was presented the STARR Award

The RQU also included administrative update which included demonstrating the new Notice of Submission of Manuscript and Notice of Awards or Honor forms that will help researchers alert both the Media Relations and Research Services teams of necessary recognition and help ensure promotion. The Academic Enterprise Space Advisory Committee submitted a report as did Facilities.  The meeting ended with Claudia Delgado introducing the services available to research coordinators through the newly formed Office of  Research Coordinator Support Services.

If any of this sounds like useful information, take a few minutes and view (or re-view) the video.  The next RESEARCH QUARTERLY UPDATE will be at 11:00 am on May 18.  Please mark your calendars now.