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Promoting Your Research Just Became Easier

Feb 2, 2021, 13:14 PM by Melodi Moore

We, in Research Services, know how frustrating it is to keep getting sent to person after person when attempting to promote aspects of your research including upcoming publications.  To that end, we, along with the UTMB Media Relations team have placed a webform on the Research Services webpage named – appropriately enough – Promote Your Research.  

The graphic below (Graphic 1) shows where on the Research Services webpage the webform can be accessed.  

Promote your Research
Graphic 1:  Webpage location

The webform resides behind the firewall and is only accessible to persons with a UTMB usename and password. (Graphic 2)

webform log-in

Graphic 2:  Firewall access
The printable webform (Graphic 3) allows the researcher to enter the Journal Name, Publication Title, date of acceptance (if applicable), author(s) and a lay summary.  Once the form is complete, remember to press the SUBMIT button (Graphic 4) at the bottom of the page.
Publications webform
Graphic 3:  Printable Webform

Submit button

Graphic 4: Submit Button
Once this form is submitted, a representative from Media Relations will reach out to for more information if/when your publication will be used for media attention.

There is also a form called Share Your Accomplishments on the same toolbar that will allow you to alert Research Services and Media Relations when you have been the recipient of an award (non-funding) or honor that you would like to share.

We are hopeful that this will simplify the process of promoting publications and honors/awards in the future.  If you have any questions please contact Melodi Moore, Research Services or Christopher Smith or Stephen Hadley, Media Relations.