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Emergency Preparedness Guidance from the CRO

Aug 25, 2020, 10:34 AM by Melodi Moore
From the Desk of RandalL Urban, md
Vice President and Chief Research Officer

Dear UTMB Research community,

With the mandatory evacuation of Galveston Island today, we are asking that all labs be shut down and prepared for the storm by close of business today. Please see the following list of action items.

  1. Make certain computers and other electronics are away from windows and off of the floor if there is a risk of wind driven rain.  Unplug and cover with plastic if there is a risk of leaking water from above.
  2. Make certain your data is safe and make copies if necessary
  3. Preparations are underway to ensure the safety of our research animals. Large animals may be moved off of Galveston Island.Rodents located in flood susceptible locations will be moved to higher locations.
  4. Please power down any equipment that you can in case of power surges.
  5. EHS has been activated and will assist faculty members with their shutdown.
  6. Please activate departmental, center, and school emergency plans for labs, Faculty can contact departmental/center/school leadership for questions.
  7. The CRC will close at the end of business today.
  8. Please follow updates from UTMB as the storm approaches and after it passes.