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UTMB Research Community Preparedness for TD14

Aug 21, 2020, 16:35 PM by Melodi Moore
From the Desk of the Chief Research Officer:

UTMB Research community,

There is the possibility of a tropical event that would affect our region primarily on Monday and Tuesday.  As of today, forecasts takes take the storm to our east with the possibility of wind but not excessive rain on Monday and Tuesday.  However, there is still uncertainty to this forecast and with the weekend starting, we are asking researchers to prepare as follows:

Labs and offices

  1. Make certain computers and other electronics are away from windows and off of the floor if there is a risk of wind driven rain.  Unplug and cover with plastic if there is a risk of leaking water from above.
  1. If possible complete any experiments today in the lab.  There is the possibility of not being able to access the lab on Monday or Tuesday
  2. Properly package and secure your biological and chemical waste. Refer to the UTMB emergency weather plan for research:
  3. Please be prepared to come to UTMB on Monday morning following UTMB’s emergency command recommendations to be present on campus for liquid nitrogen/dry ice if needed
  1. Ride-out staff, please monitor UTMB announcements and your email closely over the weekend and be prepared to come to campus as early as Sunday.
  2. Dry ice, if needed will be available Monday morning (see below).

Animal Research

  1. Please be aware that animals may need to be relocated if there is risk of flooding.  This determination will l be made on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.  Please be alert for any communications.
  2. Please work with your corresponding facility supervisor if you have animals that require special feed, water, or care that might be disrupted by the impending weather situation.  

Clinical research

  1. Please alert study subjects about the possible upcoming weather event
  2. Opening of the CRC will be determined on Sunday

A UTMB Incident command meeting is being planned for Sunday at noon.  At that time, a decision to close campus will be made.  If UTMB moves to close campus, we will close the CRC and distribute dry ice and liquid nitrogen on Monday.  Please see the message below from supply chain:

Supply Chain has placed a large order for dry ice that will arrive Monday morning.  The ice will be delivered to the various loading docks and we will ask that each department retrieve the amount of ice they have declared in the 2020 Emergency Weather Form.  Liquid Nitrogen tanks are being filled Friday afternoon and through the weekend for delivery on Monday, if requested. 

We ask that you do not come to the warehouse for dry ice unless you have an immediate need and that you retrieve the dry ice if still needed on Monday. 

Please be prepared and stay in touch as we approach this weekend.