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CPRIT Develops COVID-19 Disaster Grant Expense Claims Forms

Apr 27, 2020, 13:44 PM by Melodi Moore

CPRIT Innovations Save the Date

CPRIT has developed Excel forms for grantees to claim reimbursement for salaries, benefits, and stipends supporting personnel, including fellows and trainees, who have reduced their effort or are unable to work on the grant project as well as non-refundable travel and event registration costs for grant project travel and events such as conferences cancelled due to the COVID-19 disaster. The forms are related to the CPRIT guidance about these expenses released on April 2, 2020.
Please note that all grantees will be required to complete and submit the form for personnel and trainee expenses reimbursement as part of the March-May 2020 FSR submitted for each active CPRIT grant. There is an expedited completion process in the instructions for grantees not claiming any salary or stipend expenses. FSR review and approval will not be completed until this form is submitted in the Ad Hoc Documents section in CGMS along with the other grant supporting documentation.
Only grantees claiming expenses related to cancelled travel or registration fees due to cancelled conferences must complete the other form for reimbursement of these expenses.
Detailed instructions to complete the forms are provided in the Excel workbook. The workbook is available on the CPRIT website at