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CPRIT Provides Updated Guidance re: COVID-19

Apr 7, 2020, 15:44 PM by Melodi Moore

CPRIT Innovations Save the Date

In recent memos, CPRIT communicated two updates due to the ongoing COVID-19 public health emergency.  These memos affect both applicants and those with awarded grants.

Reimbursement Authorization for Grantee Personnel Expenses, Non-Refundable Travel and Conference Registration Fees

An updated FAQ document related to COVID-19 issues is now available on CPRIT’s website. In light of the exceptional circumstances affecting CPRIT grantees due to the COVID-19 disaster, the updated guidance includes information about the use of grant funds to reimburse some personnel, travel, and conference registration expenses that would not normally qualify for reimbursement. The new information addressed in the April 3 FAQ document is noted in red text. CPRIT will continue to provide updates related to COVID-19 through its website as more information becomes available. 

Contact your CPRIT Program Manager if you have any questions or send your inquiry to

FY 2020 Recruitment Applications and Status of FY 2021 Requests for Applications

CPRIT will continue to accept nominations for the CPRIT recruitment awards listed below through June 20 for Fiscal Year 2020.

* RFA R-20.1-REI Recruitment of Established Investigators

* RFA R-20.1-RRS Recruitment of Rising Stars

* RFA R-20.1-RFT Recruitment of First-Time Tenure-Track Faculty Members

Due to the unknown effects of COVID-19 and declining oil-based revenues on the Fiscal Year 2021 state budget, CPRIT has not scheduled any release dates for requests for applications from all CPRIT programs for Fiscal Year 2021. CPRIT will work with state leadership, the Texas legislature, and stakeholders to develop award plans for Fiscal Year 2021.  CPRIT will provide updates on Fiscal Year 2021 grant applications via CPRIT’s listserv and the website.