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BARDA COVID-19 Funding Summary

Mar 27, 2020, 13:58 PM by Melodi Moore
Dr. Karon Cassidy
Sr. Manager of Research Operations
Sealy Center for Structural Biology

Summary of BARDA COVID-19 related funding opportunities:

For full details of these opportunities, see the EZBAA and most recent Special Instructions

We realize these documents can be a bit overwhelming.  We’ve extracted some of the key details below.  Please note that these awards are for contracts, not grants. As such, please review the requested deliverables under the various areas of interest outlined in the Special Instructions document carefully.

Key Dates/Information:

Deadline: Abstract submissions are accepted on a rolling basis through 6/30/2020. Accepted abstracts will be invited to submit full contract proposals.

Funding amount: up to $749,999

Period of performance: 12-24 months

Award instrument: Cost Sharing Contract* or Fixed Price Contract

      * Contract requires minimum 30% cost share

Areas of Interest: see Special Instructions

Abstract Content/Format:

Abstracts are limited to 12,500 characters (including spaces), and must include the following sections:

Technical Section:

a.   Clearly describe what is being proposed and what difference it would make in the field (qualitatively and quantitatively).

b.   Include specific tasks, milestones, deliverables, and success metrics that are expected during the course of the project (please limit project to no more than 3-4 main tasks/deliverables).

c.   Describe how the proposed technology is a significant advancement or innovation over the current state of the art (not incremental).

d.   Describe the preliminary data available to support the proposed technology.

e.   Describe the ability to transition technology and expand use of application.

Rough Order of Magnitude Section (aka Budget estimate):

      Provide a budget estimate (BARDA ROM template) and narrative description of the following cost categories for EACH task/deliverable proposed:

  1. Direct Labor
  2. Materials, Supplies & Equipment
  3. Travel
  4. Subcontractors (including Consultants)
  5. Other Direct Costs
  6. Total Proposed Cost
  7. Proposed Cost Share

(target cost-share range is 30-50% provided as a cash and/or in kind contribution)

In addition to the abstract, the BARDA abstract submission system requires additional information about the PI, UTMB, and the project.  To help make sure you have all the necessary information at hand, here is a link to a sample application form.