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SFARI Announces Two Funding Opportunities

Jan 31, 2020, 14:22 PM by Melodi Moore

Bridge to Independence Award Program

The Bridge to Independence Award program engages talented early-career scientists in autism research by facilitating their transition to research independence and providing grant funding at the start of their professorships. Annual Request for applications (RFA) are aimed at Ph.D. and M.D. -holding scientists who are currently in training positions but intend to seek tenure-track research faculty positions during the upcoming academic year. Fellows will receive a commitment of $495,000 over three years, activated upon assumption of a tenure-track research professorship at a U.S. or Canadian research institution.

LOI & Letters of Recommendation Due:  March 2, 2020

2020 SFARI Collaboration on Sex Differences in Autism

SFARI Collaborations are a new funding mechanism that will provide substantive and stable funding support to multidisciplinary teams of investigators tackling critical issues in the autism research field. Collaborations will be led by a director who oversees interdisciplinary, synergistic research efforts across multiple laboratories. Investigative groups within a Collaboration will focus on the same conceptually unified topic but will incorporate different scientific disciplines, multiple levels of analysis, and will include a robust data-sharing infrastructure.
SFARI Collaborations have a maximum budget of up to $8,000,000, including 20 percent indirect costs, over an initial period of four years, with a possible three-year extension.

Letter of Intent Due: April 21, 2020