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Multiple Level Funding Opportunities

Mar 28, 2019, 16:25 PM by Melodi Moore
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Biology of Astrocytes in Parkinson’s Disease
The Foundation will award one-year to 18-month grants for studies that explore the role of astrocytes in Parkinson’s disease (PD) pathology and the potential for astrocyte-focused therapeutics. The goals of this funding program are to further understanding of astrocyte biology in Parkinson’s and to rationalize the pursuit of astrocyte-specific targets and/or pathways for the treatment of the disease.

Pre-Proposals Due:  April 19, 2019, 5 p.m. ET
Full Proposal Invitations: Week of June 10, 2019
Full Proposals Due (by invite only): July 19, 2019, 5 p.m. ET

Applied Technologies as Treatments for Parkinson's
The Foundation seeks applications with potential for fundamentally altering disease course and/or significantly improving treatment of symptoms above and beyond current standards of care. Proposals must have a well-defined plan for moving toward clinical utility for Parkinson's disease (PD) patients. The Therapeutic Pipeline Program is open to industry and academic investigators proposing novel approaches or re-positioning approved or clinically safe therapies from non-PD indications.
Pre-Proposals Due:  April 19, 2019, 5 p.m. ET
Full Proposal Invitations: Week of June 10, 2019
Full Proposals Due (by invite only): July 19, 2019, 5 p.m. ET

Assay Development and Validation for Quantifying Oligomeric Alpha-Synuclein
The Foundation will award one-year grants for research to advance the development, optimization and validation of assays to quantify oligomeric alpha-synuclein in human body fluids. These biofluids may include blood, cerebrospinal fluid, saliva and tears.
Pre-Proposals Due:  April 19, 2019, 5 p.m. ET
Full Proposal Invitations: Week of June 10, 2019
Full Proposals Due (by invite only): July 19, 2019, 5 p.m. ET

Imaging Biomarkers to Track Disease Progression and Therapeutic Efficacy
The Foundation will award one- to three-year grants to develop imaging markers for use in disease-modifying clinical trials. Imaging is a powerful tool that can be used to visualize the structure and function of the brain in living subjects. 
Pre-Proposals Due:  April 19, 2019, 5 p.m. ET
Full Proposal Invitations: Week of June 10, 2019
Full Proposals Due (by invite only): July 19, 2019, 5 p.m. ET

Prostrate Cancer Foundation
PCF Challenge Awards

  • Composed of a team of at least three (3) investigators from non-profit academic research centers, including one young
    investigator (see PCF Challenge Award Team requirements below).
  • Support large-scale research projects concerning metastatic, lethal prostate cancer over a duration of two years.
  • Provide up to a total of $1 million per team.
  • Cover only direct research costs and travel to the Annual PCF Scientific Retreat.
  • Clinical trial costs are not allowed; however, correlative research to support high impact clinical trials for advanced prostate cancer is encouraged. IRB submission and preferably approval is desired at time of application. 

Deadline: Monday, April 22, 2019, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time (EDT)

Robert Woods Johnson
Pioneering Ideas Proposals
The program is accepting applications for projects that seek to explore how cutting-edge ideas and emerging trends could help or hinder progress toward a Culture of Health — defined by RWJF as placing well-being at the center of every aspect of individuals' lives and ensuring that everyone has access to the care they need as well as a fair and just opportunity to make healthier choices.

Application Deadline:  October 15, 2019

Alzheimer's Drug Discovery
ADDF-Harrington Scholar Program

The ADDF-Harrington Scholar Program seeks to accelerate translation of innovative research with potential to prevent, treat, or cure Alzheimer's disease.

This collaboration between the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) and Harrington Discovery Institute provides award recipients with both research funding and committed project support by a team of pharmaceutical industry experts.

Letter of Intent: April 12, 2019
Full Proposal: July 19, 2019

Intermountain Precision Genomics Science Acceleration
Call for brief research proposals to be submitted by groups interested in using NGS ONE Genomic Services high-throughput sequencing either in conjunction with the Intermountain Biorepository or as standalone sequencing services for precision medicine applications.

Spring submission deadline: April 30, 2019

Doris Duke

Keep an eye out for the Doris Duke Physician Scientist Fellowship!  Announced this month for release in April, inaugural program will open for
application to clinical investigators currently engaged in subspecialty training. Through the Fellowship program, DDCF will aim to encourage emerging physician scientists to pursue careers in clinical research and hopes to promote their transition into faculty-level positions.

Recipients of the Physician Scientist Fellowship will be chosen through a competitive, peer-review process by an external expert panel of scientists. Each selected fellow will work under the supervision of a mentor who will guide them toward successful biomedical research careers. Eligible applicants may request one or two years of support at $110,000 per year, depending on their individual needs.  Physician Scientist Fellowship grants will start on September 1, 2019. 

Updates will be announced on this blog or by subscribing to the foundation's Medical Research Program Mailing List

Rheumatology Research Foundation
Education and Training Awards help to cultivate future generations of rheumatology professionals and ensure people with rheumatic diseases have access to the care they need.

Fellowship Training Award - Workforce Expansion
Support for the training of a promising rheumatology fellow at an institution that has previously been unable to fill all of their ACGME-approved slots due to funding constraints or creation of a new slot or program.
Application Deadline: May 1, 2019

Amgen Fellowship Training Award
Support for the training of a promising rheumatology fellow
Application Deadline: May 1, 2019

Paula de Merieux Fellowship Training Award
Support for the training of a promising rheumatology fellow who is an underrepresented minority or a woman
Application Deadline: May 1, 2019

Clinician Scholar Educator Award
Support for rheumatology professionals seeking to develop a career in education and training
Application Deadline: May 1, 2019

Health Professional Online Education Grant
A grant to complete the Advanced Rheumatology Course or the Fundamentals of Rheumatology Course
Application Deadline: May 1, 2019

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Clinical and Social Science Challenge Grants
Clinical and social science proposals in the areas of maternal and child health. Topics requested include those exploring health equity in this area in order to reduce disparities, opioid dependency in mom, dad and baby to mitigate the rise in Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome, and premature birth and maternal/infant mortality. All studies must be novel and have the potential to significantly impact clinical care.
Deadline: April 19 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT

Innovative Challenge Grants
Translational proposals in which a treatment/product/ intervention is the endpoint. 
Deadline: April 19 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT

Novel Discovery Grants
Traditional research grants in translational or clinical science. These proposals should cover the translational spectrum from translation to humans, translation to patients, translation to practice and translation to population health. Animal model studies will not be funded unless they aim to validate something already established as a novel finding in humans or human tissues. 
Deadline: April 19 2019 at 11:59 PM EDT