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Jan 16, 2019, 20:00 PM by Melodi Moore


PCORI perspective


Happy New Year from all of us at PCORI. We're looking forward to an exciting year as we continue pursuing our mission to help patients and those who care for them make better-informed decisions about the healthcare choices they face daily.

To that end, we'll continue in the coming year to build our portfolio of research comparing which approaches to care work better than others, given the outcomes important to patients dealing with a range of major health conditions. We'll also continue our work on stakeholder-guided efforts to disseminate and speed the uptake of the results of our funded studies, the number of which will grow dramatically in the months ahead.

We also plan new initiatives. We are revamping our stakeholder-guided process for soliciting and prioritizing topics for research funding to increase connectivity between stakeholders with questions and the solicitations we issue. We'll add to the set of resources we launched last year to provide stakeholders with information they can use to more quickly guide the decisions they make about new, emerging and established therapies. And we'll continue our pioneering efforts in engaging patients and other stakeholders in our work, to make the studies we and others fund are more relevant and useful to those who will use their findings.

Of course, 2019 is particularly important for us in that this is the year, a decade after our establishment, that we look forward to Congress reauthorizing our funding so that we can carry on with our work. We're confident that our efforts to date have shown the value of the public investment in PCORI to all the stakeholders we serve, something we expect to become even clearer as the year goes on. We hope you agree.

I'll continue to keep you apprised here of our progress, including the latest findings from our funded research portfolio and our new initiatives. As always, my thanks for your continued support.


Joe Selby, MD, MPH
Executive Director

Results Updates

Explore the latest results of our funded studies 

PCORI-funded studies are generating new evidence that can help patients and clinicians make better-informed healthcare decisions. Here are some of the latest findings with findings posted as patient-friendly and professional summaries on our website:

  • University of Pittsburgh study compared the benefits of three approaches to improving physical function among people who underwent knee replacement surgery. Those who received physical therapy and those who participated in group exercise classes improved more on some performance tests than those who received usual care.
  • University of Illinois at Chicago study looked at ways to prepare children and caregivers to manage asthma after an emergency room visit. By following guideline-based care, with or without home visits from a community health worker, children were more likely to use their inhalers and schedule follow-up visits than those only shown how to use their inhalers.
  • A Stanford University School of Medicine study found that an online decision aid, or an aid plus expert advice, led to Medicare beneficiaries choosing a prescription drug plan being happier about the process of choosing a plan than those given publicly available information.

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