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DoD CDMRP PASA Consortium Funding Opportunities Released

Jul 9, 2018, 17:00 PM by Melodi Moore


The goal of the PASA Consortium is to fund study applications for developing new medications that can be brought to therapeutic use to improve treatment outcomes for alcohol and substance use disorders (ASUD), especially as related to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI). The PASA Consortium accepts applications for study funding during open solicitation periods. The exact number and type of studies approved during each solicitation period will depend on the quantity and quality of applications received and amount of available funding. Notices of study application solicitation periods will be posted here on the PASA Consortium’s website, publicly advertised via professional organization e-mail list serves and conference postings, and distributed to investigators, pharmaceutical companies, and academic research institutes that are known to have potentially viable candidate compounds. Please check here regularly for funding announcements and updates.

The two current Research Funding Opportunities are focused on:

1.     Request for Application (RFA) #3a: Small-cost and short-duration planning grants awarded to investigators concerning a specific compound or combination of compounds.  
Deadline:  Full Application - August 22, 2018

2.     Request for Application (RFA) #3b: Full study implementation awards for either:

a.     Conduct of proof-of-principle basic research to determine which compounds are most appropriate for human research trials; or b.     Conduct of human proof-of-concept trials with promising compounds. The human trials must be ready-to-implement as defined in the RFA.

Deadlines:  LOI - August 22, 2018  Full Application - September 19, 2018
Application Forms and Templates

More information about this research program can be found here.