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Invitation to Register for Symposium on Metabolism of Infectious Diseases

Mar 28, 2018, 17:37 PM by Melodi Moore
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Colorado State University Symposia Series on Emerging Concepts and Trends in Infectious Diseases Research
June 12 - 14, 2018
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado

The Metabolism of Infectious Diseases Symposium will bring together scientists representing a breadth of infectious diseases and immunology research, with a collective interest in studying the metabolism of pathogens and their hosts.

The goals are:

• Provide a current and comprehensive understanding of the role of metabolism in infectious diseases.
• Highlight emerging technologies and approaches important for studying
infectious disease metabolism.
• Understand how information and knowledge gained through the study of
metabolism can be translated into interventions to prevent or control infectious disease.
• Create an opportunity for the formulation of new hypotheses and collaborations.

Specific topics that will be addressed:

• The role of immunometabolism in infectious diseases
• Pathogen and host interactions leading to adaptation of metabolic states and processes
• Communication and signaling via small molecule metabolites
• Emerging technologies and translation

Oral presentations will be chosen from abstracts

Limited number of student & post-doc travel awards are available


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