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URGENT: NineSigma Seeks Proposals for Technology

Dec 13, 2017, 17:16 PM by Melodi Moore


NineSigma has a client seeking proposals for a technology that can be applied to an existing drug product, so that it will allow a user to take a medication at bedtime but it will not start to have an effect until just before the user wakes.

Project to modify an existing commercial product, technology licensing, material supply

Phase 1: Technology evaluation with client's existing product
Phase 2: Joint project to develop a commercial drug product with time delay functionality

(This is anticipated to be a five year duration project)

To be negotiated

Program Manager:
Steve Groves

Request Number: REQ9358580
Due Date:  December 15, 2017
Author: Seh-Rin Sung

More Information can be found here