ConTex Calls for 2018-19 PostDoctoral Research Proposals

Oct 23, 2017, 11:16 AM by Melodi Moore
On June 21, 2016 the University of Texas System and Mexico’s National Council for Science and Technology (CONACYT) signed a Cooperation Agreement to establish the ConTex Program to administer cooperative bi-national academic and research activities for the mutual benefit of the United States and Mexico as neighbors and partners. In November 2016, ConTex launched its first call for proposals for Postdoctoral Fellows, and in July 2017, ConTex announced the first cohort of ConTex Postdoctoral Fellows.

Objective and Scope
Fellowships are open to the following areas of study:

Environmental sciences
Technology development
Social science 

Eligibility and Requirements 
  • Candidates must have graduated from a Ph.D. program between March 16, 2013 and March 16, 2018 (no more than 5 years’ experience). 
  • Applicants who have received previous CONACYT funding must have fulfilled all obligations regarding their previous fellowships.
  • Candidates must have a letter of commitment from the host institution faculty member who will receive the scholar, acknowledging all conditions of the award.
  • Full-time, in-person commitment at host institution.
  • Postdoctoral fellows may begin their residencies no later than January 1, 2019, though most postdoctoral stays will begin on or around September 1, 2018.
  • The project may be connected to the ConTex Collaborative Research Program. However, the postdoctoral proposal must be unique, i.e., it may not be a copy of the proposal submitted to the research grant program. 
Amount and Conditions of Support

Up to ten (10) awards will be made
Selected Fellows will receive an annual award of $55,000

Opening of call for proposals  Monday, October 16, 2017
Deadline for proposal submission  Friday, March 16, 2018


Application Guidelines and more information can be found here.