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NEW! Research Services ListServ to Debut October 24

Oct 13, 2017, 11:00 AM by Melodi Moore

In 1997, Dr. Bruce Luxon initiated the original Research Services ListServ with a President's Cabinet grant. The ListServ was established to allow people across campus to communicate with each other about a myriad of ideas. Job openings, surplus lab supplies, funding announcements are just a few of the items that have been shared in the 20-plus years the Research Services ListServ has been available. The NEW! Research Services ListServ will do all of this, plus more.  The improved ListServ will increase communication and productivity.

Starting October 24, the NEW! Research Services ListServ will be available.  A welcome email will be sent to those who were on previous ListServ with a link on how to access the NEW! ListServ.  Instructions on how to change subscriptions and manage receipt of messages will be available under the Research Education link on the Research Services webpage.

Anyone wanting to have access to the New! Research Services ListServ can also use the instructions to sign-up and begin using the list immediately.  Self-subscriptions and receipt management are just two of the improved features users will see.