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GCC Updates - October 11

Oct 11, 2017, 14:05 PM by Melodi Moore


News from the Gulf Coast Consortia

A Collaboration of Baylor College of Medicine, Rice University, University of Houston, University of Texas Health Science Center, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Institute of Biosciences & Technology of Texas A&M Health Science Center


Keck Seminar Series Friday, October 13, BRC Room 280 (2nd floor). Our speaker will be Olivier Lichtarge, Cullen Chair and Professor, Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine. Title: Towards a New Evolutionary Paradigm for Biology, Solving Genotype-Phenotype, and Personalizing Treatments. You will find the list of this semester’s speakers on our Keck Seminar web page.

Rigor and Reproducibility Workshop, October 20

1st place winner of the Association of American Medical Colleges 2017 Innovations in Research and Research Education Award, this exciting workshop brings together highly acclaimed experts in rigor and reproducibility in research topics including data analysis, experimental design, resource sharing, publication and reporting, and more.  With speakers and facilitators from all 7 of our GCC institutions, this interactive workshop has proven to be very effective as well as a lot of fun.  Please register early as attendance will be limited to 60 participants and we have only a few spots remaining.  For more information, contact Suzanne Tomlinson.

Save the dates for two Neuro-focused conferences, October 26 and 27:

GCC Cluster for Neuroengineering Conference, October 26

Confirmed speakers include Charles Lieber, Harvard University; Robert Greenberg, Second Sight; and Eva Dyer, Georgia Institute of Technology;  Fabricio H.M. Do Monte, UTHealth; Yingchun  Zhang, University of Houston; Marcia O’Malley, Rice University; Mingshan Xue, Baylor College of Medicine;  Wayne Goodman, Baylor College of Medicine; Michael Beierlein, UTHealth;  and Aydin Babakhani, Rice.  See conference website for Call for Abstracts and to register. Abstract submission deadline October 12.

Keck Center Annual Research Conference and Poster Session: Innovations in Interdisciplinary Neuroscience, October 27

Confirmed speakers are  Eve Marder, Brandeis University, Dan Yamins, Stanford University, Ben Arenkiel, Baylor College of Medicine, and Andreas Tolias, Baylor College of Medicine. Co-organizers are Carmen Dessauer, UTHealth, Ted Wensel, BCM, and Caleb Kemere, Rice University. See conference website for Call for Abstracts, Poster Submission Rules and to register. Abstract submission deadline extended to October 12.

Save the date: 1st Annual Junior Faculty Extravaganza, November 1

We invite all Assistant Professors to join us for food, fun, facts, and a chance to win an iPad Pro!  Representatives from the Keck Center as well as the Research Consortia will provide information about all of the exciting opportunities within  the GCC.  This will be an excellent opportunity to meet future collaborators and to learn about shared resources and how to position yourself for future training grants.  Topic-focused research consortia that will be present include Antimicrobial Resistance, Mental Health Research, Alcohol and Addiction Research, Regenerative Medicine, NeuroEngineering, Translational Pain Research, Magnetic Resonance, Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience, Chemical Genomics, and NanoX.  Please join us even if your research does not “exactly” fall within one of these areas as we are always looking for new opportunities for interinstitutional cross-disciplinary collaborations.  The event will take place in the Bioscience Research Collaborative Event Space from 3:30 - 6:00 pm.  Space will be limited, so register early.  For more information, contact Suzanne Tomlinson.

Save the date: 1st Annual Alcohol and Addiction Research Symposium, November 3

Please join us for this exciting event that will host several short talks from addiction researchers from all of the GCC institutions as well as a keynote address from Robert Balster, Virginia Commonwealth University.  This event will take place in the Bioscience Research Collaborative Auditorium and Event Hall.  See website for more information and registration.  Questions, contact Suzanne Tomlinson.

Save the date: Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Stewardship, January 17-19, 2018

This year, we have partnered with the City of Houston Public Health Department to host a 3 day conference packed with global leaders in antimicrobial resistance research, stewardship, and policy. Keynote speakers include Helen Boucher, MD. Tufts University; Patrice Courvalin, Institut Pasteur, Paris, France; and Ramanan Laxminarayan, Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy and Princeton University.  Special invited speakers include Louis Rice, Brown University; Victor Torres, New York University; Truc T. Tran, UTHealth; Karen Bush, Indiana University; David Greenberg, UT Southwestern; Maria F. Mojica, Universidad El Bosque, Colombia; David Weiss, Emory University; Alexander Mankin, University of Illinois at Chicago; William R. Miller, UTHealth; Charles Darkoh, UTHealth; Anthony Maresso, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine; Yohei Doi, University of Pittsburgh; Angela Caliendo, Brown University; Blake Hanson, UTHealth; Ashley Robinson, U Mississippi; Tim Peto, University of Oxford; Barry Kreiswirth, Rutgers University; Lorena Diaz, Universidad El Bosque, Bogota, Colombia; Tor Savidge, Baylor College of Medicine; Jessica Galloway-Pena, MD Anderson; Herbert DuPont, UTHealth; Nimalie Stone, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Jason Newland, Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis; Barbara Trautner, Baylor College of Medicine; Frank Tverdek, MD Anderson; Kristi Kuper,  Vizient, Inc.; Kevin Garey, University of Houston; Blake Hanson, UTHealth, and M. Michael Shabot, Memorial Hermann Health System.  This conference will take place in the Bioscience Research Collaborative Auditorium and Event Space.  For more information, contact Suzanne Tomlinson.

Save the date: GCC for Theoretical and Computational Neuroscience 15th Annual Conference, January 26, 2018

Confirmed speakers include Stuart Geman, James Manning Professor of Applied Mathematics, Brown University, and Cristina Savin, Assistant Professor of Neural Science and Data Science, New York University Center for Data Science.  The conference and poster session will be at the BioScience Research Collaborative, 6500 Main St.  Organizers are Fabrizio Gabbiani, BCM; Krešimir Josić, UH; Xaq Pitkow, Rice and BCM; Harel Shouval, UTHealth.  Registration will open November 1.  Questions, contact Karen Ethun.