Working with the IRB

The information below is provide you quick links to help guide you in your submission process. 

Human Subject Toolkit

All of the human research study submissions at UTMB are completed electronically through two systems: Velos and InfoEd.  The study is first registered in Velos, and then migrated over to InfoEd for completion of the electronic IRB application and submission of study-related documents (study protocol, data collection sheet, etc.).

When completing Velos you will want to fill out the red asterisk fields, and enter your e-signature at the bottom of the page and select, “submit”. Everyone’s eSignature is 1234. If you ever changed your eSignature and don’t remember it, then you will need to call the IS Help Desk. Everyone who is engaged in human subjects research at UTMB will need to take the CITI Training and complete the COI requirements (Items 3 and 4, below).

How to get Access to Velos and InfoED

In order to get access to these systems you will need to take Velos training, and request access to both Velos AND InfoEd via your department's Trusted Requestor. Additional information is available online.

To take the Velos training you will go to your online annual training, and will need to indicate that you will be involved in research. You can also access velos training from the training catalog.

Study Documents

We have protocol and consent form templates located on the “Forms and Templates” page of the IRB website ( For a chart review, you can utilize the Chart Review Protocol template to draft your protocol. You would also need to submit any recruitment materials, surveys, or any other documents that the subjects would see.

If you are unsure which documents your study requires please reach out to the IRB office.

CITI Training

You will want to make sure that everyone listed on the submission has completed the required Human Subjects training via the CITI program. Instructions and tutorials on how to register for CITI training are

COI Requirements

All individuals engaged in human subjects research are required to complete COI training, as well file of a statement of financial interests. For COI questions and instructions please email the Office of Institutional Compliance.

Complete study in Velos and InfoEd

Once you have completed the Velos training and have been granted access to the systems, you will be able to submit research studies into Velos and InfoEd. 

Signature Page

For initial submissions, a signature page will need to be completed and uploaded into the InfoEd submission.  This document  can be found on the IRB forms page under Signature Pages.

Additionally, if the individual who will serve as the Principal Investigator is not Faculty, then a Faculty Sponsor will need to be listed in the submission, who will also provide signature on the signature page. Department Chair signature is required for Expedited and Full Board research.

If you need to verify CITI training, completion confirmation is available on your transcript in UTMB Learn.  Individuals can also retrieve their completion certificate and detailed report on the CITI website using their UTMB credentials. Check here to verify non-affiliated/outside UTMB CITI training.

velos        infoEd Global

  • Note: You must be logged into the UTMB network to access these systems.